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Monday, August 14, 2017

Cabin Time!

My cabin is one of my two favorite places in the world (Maui is the other, of course). I have so many fond memories of coming here as a kid. My extended family gathered together for some fun memories again this year. It was a little  (A LOT) insane with 13 grandkids plus adults, and three babies 6 months and under. With that being said, we survived the week without too much chaos. (Kind of. We are all still exhausted from it. Well, at least I am). It was so fun to re-live these moments as I looked at these pictures and made the video. It is really not helping my (lack of) excitement for school to start in a week. Ugh!!

(and this was only half of the photos!)

And for some SERIOUSLY awesome dance moves from nieces and nephews, here's a fun video of the week!

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