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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ten Things You Want To Know About Me But Were Too Afraid to Ask.

Let's be real for a second (okay when I am I not?).
Have you ever looked at someone and thought, "Man…I really wish I knew _________about them, or _______ about them…" (fill in the blanks obviously!).
I do. But maybe that's just because I'm nosy and people fascinate me.
Let's have some real talk here.
I have decided to give you ten things you all have always wanted to know about me but were too afraid to ask.
You asked. I responded.
Cause I like embarrassing myself, apparently.

That's me. In case you didn't know. With a lot of makeup. Half the time I can't even get up in the morning to put mascara on, so this picture is a freaking miracle.

1. Life Plans. 
Here's the skinny on my life: nothing ever goes as planned. Ever.
I tend to have this plan for my life and well, the big guy upstairs likes to prove me wrong. So thats fun.
But, as of now…here is my life plan.
-Continue teaching definitely for the next two years while my husband finishes his undergrad in business/pre dental. Maybe go get my masters.
-Go to dental school somewhere. Decide whether or not I want to keep teaching while having the babies. (Don't know about that one yet.)
-Have a baby in the next 2-3 years, around the time dental school starts (Ha. Don't you wish I could time it perfectly…what a stressful time! oh baby. no pun intended)
-Graduate dental school.
And that is about all T Money and I have planned.
So….basically, everything will change. But, hey, thats the plan for now.

2. Homemaking skills. 
I can't cook to save my life. I hate it. I suck at it. I sometimes feel like a terrible homemaker because of it, but it is not my strong suit. I know I have many talents, but this one is hard for me. I see so many women around me being these amazing cooks and cooking for their husbands every night and I can barely make spaghetti. I'm sure if I spent time into it, I would become a fantastic cook, but I honestly just do not enjoy it and I can't get myself to fall in love with it!!! I'm dying. My poor husband.
I love to clean though. I love to decorate. Anything to do with cleaning or decorating, I am all about it. See, I do have some homemaking skills!

3. What Drives Me.

Emotion. Passion. Loyalty. Family. Friends. My religion. Health. Happiness. 
For me, life is all about peace. The bigges thing that drives me is--'will I be happy if I do it?' And if it's yes, then I do it. Emotion and passion for things drives me in my job, in my extra curricular activities and with my husband. 

4. My Dreams/Wishes.
In my wildest dreams, I dream of being a famous actress/singer either on broadway or Hollywood. It's silly but I have wanted that since I was little. 
In my real life dreams: to travel. Everywhere. I want to see the world. I want to experience new places. I also dream of having my own family and being a mother.

5. How I Keep My Ish Together.
Oh man. 
Honestly, from five things: planning, staying busy in things that make me happy, praying, getting a good night rest and being positive. I find if I am consistently doing things then I can stay organized, focused while still being incredibly happy. A good nights rest is the main one. It sounds silly but I need my sleep.

6. My Biggest Fear.
-not being able to have kids. 
-husband leaving me. 
-being poor. 

7. What holds me back from doing things. 
What holds me back the most is when I am feeling self conscious or when I am tired. When I am wiped, I can't seem to get anything done. When I am feeling self conscious, I question myself and everything I am doing. So I try not to be either of those things :) 

8. Why I always wear dresses. 
First of All, dresses and skirts are cuter. They also are more comfortable. When you have my butt and hips and boobs and legs, dresses are much more comfortable. 
I know I'm a huge fashion blogger so I know this is definitely a huge one ;) For me, fashion is all about expressing myself and finding my style. I love clothes but it's more a form of expression more than anything. 

9. Why I blog. 
Sometimes are confused why I even have this blog. One of the biggest reasons is because it's my time I get to have to myself. I need that time to refuel and this blog let's me write. I can be whoever I want on this blog. I don't have to worry about all of my insecurities. 

10. My Insecurities. 
My body. People judging me cause I am not skinny as I used to be. 
Being too emotional and sensitive. I hate feeling things so deeply and I hate feeling weak in a situation when that happens. 

-What are some other things you've always wanted to ask people but were too afraid to ask? 
-Any other things you want to know? 

Family Photos.

I don't have much to say because I'm going to let these beautiful photos do the talking. 
But, here are my two cents: 
A) fall in the mountains are unreal.
B) my husband and puppy are so cute. 
C) I guess this means I'm an adult cause I'm gonna use some of these for Christmas cards. Who wants one?! :) 
Enjoy :) 

Holly Hoop 2014 & an Announcement

Well friends, the time has come...
I will be posting about 3-4x a week now with some possible posts on the weekend, instead of 5 times Monday-Friday. Some may argue this sentiment, but for the next few months, my life is quite insane with, well, life and sometimes the weekends inspire me more!  I have decided that I want to write when I make QUALITY posts. For me, quality is what I look for.  So y'all may be getting less posts, but better posts :) 
You check back here every few days and you will find some good stuff. HOLLA! This blog is such a special place for me, and I want to continue it, but I also don't want to lose myself. I don't want to become someone I'm not. 
I also want to be present in real life a little more as well. 

This past weekend was my Fall Break. T Money had a hunting tag so I ditched his cute little booty and drove out to Oregon. Three years ago, my dear niece, died from SIDS (see posts on sidebar that talk about dealing with death). Every year my sister and brother in law put on a 5k/10k race to fundraise for another family who's lost a baby. It's a fun event to honor our sweet Holland, while helping others. This is called The Holly Hoop. I have never had the opportunity to go because it's always in Oregon and I usually have school, but it happened to fall on fall break this year, so I went! 
It was so much fun! 
I loved spending time with my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. I got to road trip with good lifelong friend and have awesome conversations. It was a quick trip, but it was so enjoyable. 
If you saw on my Instagram you noticed all the adorable photos of my nieces and nephews. It's really not fair how cute they are. No, seriously. 
Nothing better than a quick getaway to see family and in Oregon--the prettiest state! (But I'm biased) 
Thinking of you, my dear angel niece, Holland. We love and miss you everyday. 
My Oregon people--next year, get your booties to this fun event! 

The pink ladies ready to run (this was not planned!) 

My sisters beautiful family. 

Niece, wembley. 

My cute nieces. 

Holland <3

Ready to exercise! 

Papa and Wembley 

The most beautiful baby in the world, my nephew, Thatcher. 
This is literally the path behind my house. Love it. Love the long walks I take with my mom whenever I go home. 
Side story: on the way back to utah, we realized we needed gas. But we were out in the middle of nowhere. So we drove 40 miles pretty much on empty. When we filled up, this is what happened. I have an 18 gallon tank. Yea...Jesus loves us. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

27 Dresses and a Beauty Makeover.

Have you guys ever seen the movie "27 Dresses" with Katherine Heigl? Well, it's a very cute romantic comedy about a a woman who was a bridesmaid for 27 weddings. Well, friends, I have officially become her. Haha!
Now, I am married so I don't have to deal with the phrase "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride." I have now been a bridesmaid in 11 weddings! Woot. It's been so fun to watch my dear family and friends get married and go through such a special time.
But, I have been a bridesmaid in 4 weddings in the past month. It has definitely been a whirlwind. I am the first one to admit that I am not good at doing hair and makeup, so I was a little stressed as to what I was going to do.

Luckily, my blogging friend, Jen from Classy Cosmetics, came to my rescue.
Jen is one of the most amazing, makeup artists that I know. She has a natural gift to see people's beauty and find what works for them. For one wedding, It was more fall colors with gold and maroon, etc. The second wedding was more pinks and reds. She found what worked for me and made me look and feel beautiful.
Jen does makeup for all types of activities--plays, etc. For Halloween, she would be PERFECT. My favorite thing about Jen is that she truly is one of the sassiest, kindest, and outgoing people that I know. She is so good at making you feel comfortable and is so fun to talk to! Check her out today.

I am so happy for all of my friends and family and their exciting, beautiful weddings!
Sometimes there is nothing better than a beauty makeover, am I right? :)