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Monday, August 14, 2017

Cabin Time!

My cabin is one of my two favorite places in the world (Maui is the other, of course). I have so many fond memories of coming here as a kid. My extended family gathered together for some fun memories again this year. It was a little  (A LOT) insane with 13 grandkids plus adults, and three babies 6 months and under. With that being said, we survived the week without too much chaos. (Kind of. We are all still exhausted from it. Well, at least I am). It was so fun to re-live these moments as I looked at these pictures and made the video. It is really not helping my (lack of) excitement for school to start in a week. Ugh!!

(and this was only half of the photos!)

And for some SERIOUSLY awesome dance moves from nieces and nephews, here's a fun video of the week!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Waterton National Park (Canada!!!)

photos via instagram 

Glacier Day One Post
Glacier Day Two Post

Our last stop was in Canada at Waterton National Park! It was so windy, but it was so cool. We met up with our lovely Canadian friends (Tanner's mission companion and his wife) and they smuggled us into Alberta. Hahaha just kidding. But they were our little tour guides while there. We didn't spend much time in Canada because we had to head home early, but it was still a fun, beautiful adventure!

I found a mounty in Canada!!!!! 

We found some buffalo!

Have you ever been to Waterton? What is your favorite national park? 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Glacier National Park: Day Two

Glacier Day One Post

Our next excursion while in Glacier National Park  was Trail of the Cedars to Avalanche Lake Hike. This hike was absolutely stunning. I felt like we were in a painting. I sat on the beach and looked at this gorgeous view for an hour. So unreal! This was in West Glacier.

After that we headed over to East Glacier to St. Mary Lake. We did Baring Falls, St. Mary Falls, and Virginia Falls Hike (these are all connected).

Baby Bear cub with it's mama! 


Here is a little video of Glacier!

Glacier National Park! from Sierra Charlesworth on Vimeo.

(I guess I could have put that this is part of the "Hiking Series" that I have on here, but I will just link my other hikes down below.)

Other Hikes in Hiking Series:  Dog Lake// Summit Trailhead AF Canyon Hike //  Bells Canyon // Horsetail Falls // Battle Creek Falls // Y Hike // Stewart Falls // Bryce Canyon // Lame Horse/Salamander Flats Trail // Silver Lake (AF Canyon) // Capitol Reef National Park // Grotto Falls &Mt. Nebo Trail (Payson Canyon) // Cecret Lake // Lake Mary  // Donut Falls // Glacier National Park: Highline Trail, McDonald Falls 

Have you ever been to either of these National Parks?
What is your favorite National Park?