Sierra's View: Hiking Series // Payson Canyon (Grotto Falls & Mt. Nero Trail)

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hiking Series // Payson Canyon (Grotto Falls & Mt. Nero Trail)

Hi. I've just been hiking over here this entire summer and enjoying some serious time outside. Except when it's 100 degrees...which it has been over the past week. That's been super fun. The other day I hopped in my car and had the serious urge to just drive, wander and get outside with Saylor. I found my way up in Nebo Canyon. I stopped at a few different spots along the way. 
My first stop was Grotto Falls. It is a short little hike that leads to a fun waterfall and little pool. 
My next stop was Payson Lakes. I stopped for a little bit and put my feet in the lake and enjoy it. 
My last stop was the Mt. Nebo trail. I didn't realize how hard this hike was going to be until I was already halfway through it. So, that was neat. 
Either way it was a very much needed time in the mountains. 

photos via instagram 

I want a horse, guys. 

All of the heart eyes. 

The view of Utah Lake from Nebo Canyon 

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