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Monday, July 17, 2017

Hiking Series // Lake Mary

Last week, I grabbed my friend Joni and we headed up to Big Cottonwood Canyon for another beautiful hike (I told you guys I wasn't going to stop hiking!). We got up to the canyon at about 7:30 and trekked it up even higher in the mountains. We started going up--we are talking STRAIGHT UP!--for about 1.25 miles. I looked around and realized that we were on the wrong trail. So we had climbed the equivalent of 60 flights of stairs and we weren't even on the correct path. We took a little detour through the meadow and crossed over. All while getting eaten by mosquitoes (there are lots of mosquitoes up there so bring bug spray. We learned our lesson!). We finally found the correct path and headed up to Lake Mary and it was beautiful. I had no problem getting lost with Joni though. We were just laughing and talking (which is why we got lost in the first place), but it was a good time. Along the way, we ended up seeing so many wildflowers, creeks, and meadows and forests while in the mountains, so it turned out okay. We ended up  hiking 5 miles instead of the 1.5! Either way, this is a great hike (and we got in some good views and good exercise for doing extra! Ha). 

I love all of the wildflowers! 

So beautiful! What are some of your favorite hikes? 

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