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Friday, July 28, 2017

Glacier National Park: Day One

Super happy after our long road trip to Montana. Ha.
Extra photos via instagram 
Today's post (cause it's too long for a title!): 
McDonald Lake, McDonald Creek/Falls 
Going to the Sun Road
Highline Trail  

Wow. I seriously don't even know where to start with this place! I have told that this place was beautiful, but I don't think I fully understood. This place was truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. I couldn't stop taking pictures (which, really, let's be honest, isn't anything new). I will showcase some of the things we did while there over the course of three posts (because I don't want to burden you with 9 million photos, although there still will be a ton of pictures in each post. Don't hate). We were only there for three days, which was seriously not enough. Glacier, in itself was HUGE. And we only spent a couple of hours in Waterton with some of our Canadian friends. It was my first time in Canada ever! Woo hoo! I'll show you some of our adventures below. Some of these photos didn't get edited. There isn't really a reason for that, except that I didn't want to edit all of them ;)

Our first excursion was Lake McDonald, McDonald Falls, and a hike along McDonald Creek. These are all near each other. You can get off and hike through each of them. I could not get over how clear the water was. It was seriously stunning. I tried to swim in it, but it truly was, quite literally, glacier water and my body couldn't do it. I kept saying "Ah! look at the water! I want to get in it." I guess I'm weird.

Warning: lots of photos! (And, yes, I went through and deleted about half of my photos. Ha).

pshhhhh model Jared Ha.

Tanner has to get some fishing in. Ha. 

I LOVED all of the cool, colorful rocks throughout the entire park. 

The nights here are so incredibly peaceful. I could be outside in it during the summer every night. 

I love this site in the morning (if I could actually sleep, instead of just tossing and turning). 

We saw six bears while here! This is the best picture I could get because this little guy was quick. It is berry season up there so the bears are everywhere! 

McDonald Falls/Creek. 

"Ugh. Stop."

Our next stop was driving the Road to the Sun throughout the park. If you do ANYTHING while in Glacier, you have to do this! We saw many people who just drove it and didn't really get out. So you can get out and choose to hike every which way or you can get out and hike. There are hikes all over the place while there. We got out and did a little bit of the Highline Trail. All of the following pictures are from this part. I WISH I could explain to you that these pictures don't do it justice (especially cause they aren't edited at all). So, so so beautiful.

And, of course, I made a little video of some of our excursions throughout the trip. I'll put this in all of the Glacier posts. Ya know, in case you want to see this video seven times ;)

Glacier National Park! from Sierra Charlesworth on Vimeo.

(I guess I could have put that this is part of the "Hiking Series" that I have on here, but I will just link my other hikes down below.)

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Have you ever been to either of these National Parks?
What is your favorite National Park?

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