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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dog Lake // Utah Hiking

Utah Hiking Series has returned for the summer. Yes, even though it is August 2nd, I know. In my defense, I have been hiking, I just spent a month hiking in Maui, so the "Utah Hiking Series" has been... a little absent, obviously. Ha. 

This hike was up Millcreek Canyon that leads to a lake called Dog Lake. I thought that this was going to be a little simple hike because it only said 1.8 miles. Uhhhh, I was wrong. It was HARD (and I'm really out of shape). That guy running up the trail obviously did not think it was that hard, but I hate him so never mind that. There are a few trails that lead up to Dog Lake, but the Millcreek Canyon, Little Water Trail. is one of the steeper ones (and I could take Saylor on this one). Side note: I hate that I can't take Saylor up Little or Big Cottonwood Canyon. Dang you, Utah! I decided to take the steeper route because well, apparently, I'm an idiot. But it was good for me!!!! You know it was a long, good day because Saylor fell asleep within 5 minutes of being in the car. Despite the challenge of this hike, it was absolutely gorgeous and one that I will be doing again. 

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Have you been to Dog Lake?
What is your favorite hike up Millcreek Canyon? 


  1. I LOVE to go hiking. I thought I only could love the beach...but this year I spent some time in Utah and Colorado and the mountains stole my heart. It is a beauty that just can not be explained.


  2. Gorgeous surroundings and the the photos are fab! The dogs are looking good and enjoying themselves. Are they hiking dogs? I can't seem to see what breed they are. I have a Jack Russel Terrier named Dotty and she's an excellent hiking dog. She loves the outdoors and she knows when it's time to leave for camp! She adores trekking and seemed happy to walk the long trails. Except for an occasional "water pit stop", we are always on schedule! Is your dog a hiking dog? See this site to find out:


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