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Friday, July 29, 2016

Maui Guidebook: Road to Hana

On the east side of the island of Maui is Hana. Along the way, there is the ever-famous road to get there encompassing waterfalls, hikes, views, and greenery. That part of the island gets a lot more rain so it is more green and luscious. It is absolutely beautiful. I cannot believe that I have never done the Road to Hana--even after all of the years of going to Maui. I am so happy that we did it though. Even though it was a long day, we saw so many cool things.

Now, we did not stop at many of the "popular" places. We wanted to see some of the coolest places because we only had a day. Next time I go, I want to take a few days and go see so many of the other waterfalls and hikes and just take my time. Nevertheless, it was a great day with gorgeous sites!

I listed the places where we stopped in the video. Enjoy!

Maui 2016: Road to Hana from Sierra Charlesworth on Vimeo.

Maui Guidebook:
Lava Rocks and Snorkeling Cove 
Olivine Pools
Honolua Bay & Haleakala National Park

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