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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How We Wore It: Summer Workout!

Aloha! Still in Maui. I know, it's okay to be jealous. :)
July has already been better than June (and I am grateful for that!).

Anytime I get discouraged, I try to look at this picture. The left was last week. The right was back in February. I have noticed a difference in my face, even if it's just a little bit! 

I love this blog collaboration. I love being able to find clothes from my wardrobe making it work! I love seeing what other bloggers find. I love taking the original photo and working it to my advantage. This month is WORKOUT CLOTHES. I put this in all caps because I looooove workout clothes. I would wear them all day everyday if I could (I mean, I do). They are so comfy and stretchy.

My health plan is still going. Not to the same extent that it was back in October, but I am still working on it. I find that I am enjoying working out: whether that's a walk along the beach here in Maui, swimming in the pools, hiking in the mountains in Utah, lifting weight and doing plyometrics at the gym...I find that it something I do because it makes me FEEL better. I know I am not the size I used to be. And that's okay. Not because I am okay with being this size, but because I have accepted that thats where my body is at right now. Since being diagnosed with PCOS, hypothyroidism, anemia and hypoglycemia (I know, right? What else can I have?!), I have struggled with my body and trying to take care of it. I think it is imperative to love our bodies NO MATTER what phase it is in: whether you've lost a ton of weight, gained a ton of weight, just had a baby,'s important to love our bodies and take care of it by being active. I am not a marathon runner. Hell, I can barely run a mile and a half right now. I HATE running. I hated it in high school lacrosse and I hate it now. So I have found other ways to do cardio and to enjoy what I am doing. Do something that you love. So then exercise doesn't become a chore, but rather something that your brain and body crave. I look at these pictures and I hate them. I hate that I hate them. Not because I hate myself, but because I am not where I want to be. I am working though and I am loving the process. And I think that's what is important.
Any who, rant over. Here are some fashion pics.

This background is where it's at. I wish I had this background always to take my pictures! Barefoot because I hate putting shoes on here in sticky Maui.

Literally, all of my workout clothes are from Old Navy or Nike. Boom.

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