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Monday, May 2, 2016

April Flew By!

Comin' in hot today because IT IS MAY. There are only a little less than four weeks of school left. Not that I'm counting or anything. One thing that I love (and kind of hate) about Utah is the change of seasons. The reason why I have this love-hate relationship with the four seasons that occur here is because my mood is very affected by the weather. When it is cold during the middle of winter, I feel it. When it is rainy and cloudy, even though my little Pacific Northwest heart kind loves it, it affects my energy level. With the change of seasons, I find that I have to mentally and emotionally recharge every time a season changes. With that being said, I love that we experience the colors in the fall, the snow in the winter, the rain in the spring and the hot summers. I love the change, even though it is hard for me. Any who, it has been raining a ton here! It makes everything so green and fresh. I love the feeling of Spring--the flowers blooming, the sun starting to come out, and the feeling of Summer around the corner. 

April was such a fun month. I traveled quite a bit, was very busy with working out and the school year is always insanely busy at this time with testing and end of the year shenanigans.

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I have been killing myself at the gym (in a good way!). I should probably be eating better, but I am proud of the hard working that I am putting in. I am down 20 pounds--only 40 more to go! Ha. But even more than that, my waist is down five inches. I can tell the difference in the way my clothes fit. And even more important than all of that, I just FEEL better. I am happier and brighter and I have way more energy. Come join our gym parties! Ha. 

Teaching in May is challenging, for all teachers. The students don't want to be there, and frankly, most of the teachers don't either. It is a time of chaos and this is how I feel in my classroom. I showed this to my students in class and told them, "THIS IS HOW I FEEL. BE NICE." And they all didn't think it was very funny. We got this, fellow teachers. Hold on tight! 

We tried some amazing restaurants (with colorful, color-coordinated books! My OCD heart is happy!). throughout Utah. One of my favorite things to do in Spring and summer is to eat outside. It's the best feeling in the world! 

I have loved seeing so many friends! I love the people who are in my life, old and new friends. That is one thing that I love about where I live--I love all of the friends I have made throughout the past seven years. Girls nights are good for the soul. I am working on being kind and seeing the best in others. I tend to be kind of critical of others and I want to learn to just love others and try to understand where they are coming from. I'm turning over a new leaf, guys! Grateful for good, supportive, loving friends. 

I came across this quote and I just shook my head. Depression and anxiety, as many of you know, is something that I have struggled with since I was a teenager. This is a perfect explanation of it. Believe it or not, April and May are difficult months for those who struggle with Depression. Be sensitive to those around you. 

Spring means Flowers. Yay! 

We went to Bryce Canyon National Park  and Grand Staircase National Monument with my in-laws over Spring Break. It was so beautiful. Don't you love that photo of me smelling my armpits? Just checking to make sure, ya know? Also, my 17 year old brother in law bought these little dinosaurs at the dollar store and kept taking pictures of them throughout the canyon. Hilarious! 

When your brother in law snapchats you (@Sierrasview--come be my friend!) because he is sick of seeing snaps of our dog. Ha. I have become slightly obsessed with Snapchat. I used to think it was stupid. Now I love it. I'm a teenager. Also, I can't stop drinking SmartWater. I really should be sponsored by them (Smartwater, are you listening?) because I have a problem. ugh. 

I have to throw Saylor in there, guys :) Duh. Saylor loves T Money. Tried to have as many date nights with T. I think its safe to say that #saylorthepup loves him (All dogs do!). 

My siblings and I surprised my Dad in Disneyland for his 60th Birthday. It was so fun to spend time just as the Ainge clan. I love these crazy people. 

We read the novel "Attachments" by Rainbow Rowell for April Book Club. Seriously Book Club is so fun. We have a range of 5-10 people each time and it is something that I look forward to every month! Come join us! I read some other books in April! I always love a good day of reading. 

April was such a great month. What did you do? 

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