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Monday, April 11, 2016

Marched On.

March 2016 definitely marched on (see what I did there?). It was a good month. The sun and warmth starting coming out and my heart was happy. I wanted to show you a little recap of my life via my phone, instagram, and blog posts. I always think it's fun to gain some insight into fellow bloggers in their "real life", and since I am such a big blogger (hahaha), I thought I'd share some fun moments with you!! 

Blogging Life

Met up with some beautiful blogging friends: Tayler, Brooke, me and Bon. 

Reading "Rising Strong" reminded me how important boundaries and standing up for yourself is key to healthy relationships. 

I LOVE book club with these ladies. We talked about the book "Quiet" for our March book club and it was seriously such an amazing conversation. 

Talked about how happy Spring makes me!! 

Fell in love with the Oscars. Again. I love all of the dresses and beautiful people. 

Read "Daring Greatly" and fell in love with reading. Again.

Wrote about this super interesting book. 


 Was a bridesmaid for the tenth time (yes, tenth!!!) at my dear friend Julia's wedding. It was such a great day and I was so happy for her!! It was so fun to see so many college friends.

Easter was a relaxing, awesome day with Saylor and T Money. 

Loving inspirational quotes. 

Mini road trip to Logan, Utah with my in laws to see my brother in law, Jack!

Aren't husbands the best? Ughhhhhh hahahaha. 

Selfies for days on snapchat (come be my friend! @sierrasview) 

Hahahahahaha. You're welcome? 

Found a photo of me and my grandparents. I look so much like my grandpa...just what every girl wants, huh? Love these people so much. 

In the process of re-doing our front yard. I officially want to just pay someone to do it now. Ha. 

Working on my relationship with my Savior and trying to focus on that, rather than the negative qualities of a church or the people. 

This is my dream. 


So grateful for good friends and my growth (or lack thereof!) in my health, exercise and self confidence in my body!!! 

Spring Hikes are good for the soul (and the body!) 

When your gym squad are a bunch of babes. 

Rainy, snowy hikes are serene and creepy and awesome. 


There are seven weeks of school after this week (not that I am counting). We had a rough few weeks with behavior in March. Here's to hoping we can get through these next few weeks happily!! 

Went to a technology conference and realized that I want my class to be basically paperless!!! Technology in the classroom is amazing. Had a wonderful time at the teaching conference and meeting former NBA player, Thurl Bailey. 

The 6th Grade Spring Dance was out of control. 

My face after a long day teaching...reminding myself that teaching is so rewarding, even when it is difficult!!! Haha. 

How was your March? What was your favorite part? 
Cheers to April! 

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