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Monday, February 29, 2016

President's/Valentine's Day Weekend!

Over President's Day and Valentine's Day, it was a long weekend. Some friends of ours have a cabin at Brian Head Ski Resort down by Cedar City, Utah. We packed our bags and had a mini getaway. It was such a fun weekend of skiing, playing games with our favorite couple friends Josh and Carli, and watching movies (that's pretty much all we did!). We went to church in a little town hall and everyone was in their snow gear. It was AWESOME. The service was 45 minutes and my little heart was so happy (but seriously? Why isn't sacrament meeting only 45 minutes? Church needs to be 2 hours. I will make this happen, guys). My first day back not he slopes in a few years--I taught myself to ski my freshman year of college--I did not fall. I was only going down green, but hey, I loved being out on the mountains again! I had a little anxiety attack out on the mountain on our second day. I think my legs were tired, I was tired, and I hadn't slept. It was cold and I seemed to just be struggling a bit, so I kind of shut down. Not my finest hour. Overall, though, my first day back on the slopes in a few years and I did okay!! Woot. (It's the small battles that we overcome, right?)

Here are some awesome moments from the mini getaway. 

Photos from instagram 

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