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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

On Dealing with January...

January is hard. 
I always start the month with a large amount of pizzazz. I love the snow and coziness and the changes of season. Yay! January! It's so cozy and fun! By the end of January, I'm over it. I am craving some warmth. I do love winter. I love the change in the seasons. I think the snow is beautiful. I try not to let the snow stop me from being up the mountains and being outside. But something about January just makes me want to not teach or work, lay in bed and watch Netflix. Which is great...except, I, like, can't do that, and have to be an adult. Ugh. 

This January I have tried to change my outlook. I love the beautiful scenery. I have tried to embrace the snow and allow myself to slow down and just enjoy life. Let's ignore the fact that I have had about seven migraines since the beginning of January, and I am about ready to chop my head off due to these stupid things. My headaches are always worse in the winter. I think that it's correlated with the weather and the pressure. But I know my migraines are connected to my hormones, so it's maybe just a combination of it all. My seasonal affective disorder may be affecting this hormones and then the compilation of the pressure and cold...I bet it's all of it. That's my science talk. Either way, these migraines are going to be the death of me. 

Even with all of that, I am learning to deal with January. I am learning to love it, or, well, accept it for it's beauty. Here is my January via Instagram and past posts. 

A winter walk with my favorite humans and animals. 
Talked about my why I Braintype everyone, especially my students. 

I think #saylorthepup likes the snow... 

When you've had a rough week....and your husband brings you a note and flowers. Yes.  Sometimes marriage is hard and sometimes things like this make it okay. 

Can you tell I am dreaming of summer? I want this swimsuit so bad. But it's $100 and I just can't justify that. Someone give me sunshine and this swimsuit. 

I wrote a book review on this amazing book. It has, as dramatic as it sounds, altered my view of eating and my body. 

Sometimes January makes all of your crap come out. And this quote is so perfectly true it's insane. 

I am still (trying) to do my health plan. It has been difficult. But I am down 14 pounds. So yay! And my outfit choices are even better in January. 

I love my fellow teachers and faculty. I have spent a lot of January at my school. Shocking. My students have about did me in this month and I am ready for Spring Break. Hahaha. 

A lot of snuggles with Saylor happened....

I fell in love with the Utah mountains. Again. 


Again. Sigh. 

More snow. It sure is pretty, i'll give it that. 

Joined a book club and read this book. I fell in love with it. Oh, and my Sodalicious. Of course. 

This is what heaven feels like. 

Literally my every day outfit after school in January.... killing it with birkenstocks, wool socks, leggings, sweaters, scarfs, and messy buns. 

Typical face in January. 

Talked about how being a grown up sucks. Ha. 

Craft night with friends and fellow teachers. Or, more, me coloring and the other ladies doing crafts. I hate crafts. 

Reconnected with old friends from Oregon!! 

Trying to wear decent outfits at school...

And spending even more time in my classroom...

A lot of hilarious Bachelor girls nights... 

And a LOT of girl chats after school. 

I took this photo with my PHONE and updated you all on life with snow. 

I didn't make New Years Resolutions. but i did make some of my own things to work on. My mantra for the year. 

I don't know why this picture kills me so much, but it does.  hahahaha. 

Yep. Talked about how blogging in the winter time is so different. 

I recapped Lessons I learned in 2015. 

Drank a lot of tea to help with my migraines. Continued in Be Better Movement. 

Tried to compliment others and write sticky notes to my students.

Well, it's February. Here comes nothing, guys. 
Do you like January? What do you like about it? 

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