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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Signs You are a Grown Up.

I like to believe that I am still this five year old, at heart. And my sense of humor probably still is. It's fine. 

Growing up. Ew. Isn't it the worst?

Although there are benefits to being a grown up, like the fact that one can eat cereal for dinner just because he or she can, and no one tells you what to do day in and day out, being a grown is just. no. fun.

Don't get me wrong, I have fun as an adult. I go on adventures and travel and am outside in nature all of the time. I'm sure you have lots of fun as an adult, as well.

But, just, yuck. All of the responsibilities: the bills, the career, the money and finances, the pressures to be put together all of the time. You don't have all of the cares of the world banging on your door when you are a kid. Even though you can have fun as an adult, it's just not the same, ya know?

Amidst my defiance, I like to believe that I, in fact, have  grown up (now that I'm in my mid-twenties, this is probably a good thing.)

(Well, kind of. I spent eight hours a day with 11-12 year olds, so my sense of humor is still inappropriate and gross and I laugh at stupid things, but, you get my idea).

How You Know You Are a Grown Up: 

1. You choose to stay in on Friday nights instead of going out. You choose a book or a movie in bed your puppy after a long week. On purpose.

2. Your "To-Do" List is a combination of grocery lists, laundry, and errands to run.

3. You prefer one pieces because it covers up more rather than showing your body. Okay, so maybe it's the fact that your body isn't skinny-ninny like it used to be, but, still. You catch my drift. You want to be modest, not show off your body.

4. Your conversations with your significant other revolves around finances, school, and career.

5. You are married. You have a dog. You just bought a house. (Oh, that's just me....but yea, wow. This is the real deal, I guess.)

6. You don't care about the drama that happens with friends. You, actually, have no idea what is even going with anyone. You are so out of the loop that you are surprised when you get text messages from them!

7. You don't take life too seriously. You make sarcastic, witty jokes and learn to have fun in your career. You don't try to be too serious about things because you know that this life is going to be trial after trial. You can choose to be sad or you can choose to LIVE.

8. Your goals correlate with a savings account, health risks, and a family.

9. Ikea, Target, Old Navy, and Walmart are your favorite places to shop.

10. Sweaters are your best friend. And not in an ugly-sweater, ironic kind of way.

11. You get excited when your bed is made and your home is clean.

12. A new couch makes you so excited that you can hardly stand it.

13. A fun evening is playing games with your couple best friends.

14. You try to sprint across the playground while teaching and you realize that even though you have exercised, that you haven't sprinted in a few years....

15. You now have some sympathy for your parents.

16. You only feel half-pathetic when you finish an entire season of a TV show on Netflix in a day.

17. You worry about what actually goes in the recycling bin.

18. Vaccuum lines on your carpet makes you all giddy on the inside.

19. You enjoy listening to talk radio and audiobooks for fun.

20. Gift cards are your saving grace.

What are some signs that you know you are a grown up?
How do you know that you have officially entered the adult world?


  1. I have a kid and it feels completely normal now. That's how I know I'm an adult!

  2. Haha, most of these. Unfortunately my carpet doesn't make lines when I vacuum. :(

  3. When you go camping and find that YOU are the one doing the packing/unpacking/cooking/cleaning/etc while the kids have all the fun.

  4. When you go camping and find that YOU are the one doing the packing/unpacking/cooking/cleaning/etc while the kids have all the fun.

  5. When you are way out of shape and need to lose a lot of weight but feel bad about buying a gym membership because you can think of 100 other things to spend that money on like diapers and baby formula...


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