Sierra's View: My Ridiculously Awesome New Years Resolutions.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Ridiculously Awesome New Years Resolutions.

I don't like to make New Years Resolutions. Because I'm the devil. Just kidding. Actually, kind of. I usually forget my resolutions by the end of January anyway, so I'm just going to continue on my health plan and continue being better. Sound generic? Good. Then again, my health plan is pretty rigid, so I'm pretty sure we can count the plethora of "goals" in my health plan are sufficient enough. I'm also doing the Be Better Challenge. So, yea, its fine. 

But, just for fun, I have made a list of some new years resolutions that are [mostly] achievable. Just for fun. ;) 

In this New Year of 2016, I propose to: 

Build a fort at some point. 

Post on twitter all of the time. (This one is really challenging for me ;) ) 

Watch a lot of Netflix. 

Walk my dog. 


Crack sarcastic jokes. 

Become Amy Schumer's best friend. 

Take really incredible artsy photos with my camera for my instagram 

Eat popcorn at least once a week. 

Sing along to songs in my car. 

Have no filter. 

Drive my car. 

Buy more cute dresses. 

Embarrass myself at least once. 

Become an actress in Hollywood. 

Eat crushed ice at least once daily. 

So, yea, I think I can handle these things. 
Here's to 2016. Huzzah. 


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