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Tuesday, January 12, 2016



How are you? I took this photo, along with some others, on a drive up the canyon in the mountains the other day. I needed to do some thinking and my best thinking happens in the car, I'm not sure why. It was a cloudy, cold, winter day, here in Utah, but with a light drizzle of snow, it brought a sense of coziness as I huddled in my warm clothes and heated seat (Thank you, Subaru Outback! Love my car!). I caught some seriously beautiful photos simply with my cell phone. I'm still in awe that a cell phone with just a two minute editing job can make this photo. What a world we live in, right? I am no photographer, but I love using my DSLR camera and even my cell phone to capture gorgeous photos of nature. I do feel like I have a pretty naturally good "eye", which kind of helps. Winter has officially hit in Utah. It is snowy and cold, but not anything that we can't handle. I actually kind of love it (weird, I know!). I just wish I had more time to get up on the slopes and do more skiing. Dang that whole "job" thing.

Speaking of my "job"...which, really is just a huge part of my life, more than a job, if I'm being honest. The beginning of the new year has been, well, rough. I came back from winter break in Oregon and jumped right into reality: teaching, health plan, cleaning, etc. All of this was great, in theory, except that I have been sick since Monday with a horrible cold. And it just seems to be getting worse. On Wednesday, my voice was completely gone. Teaching sixth grade is a little bit difficult when you have no voice to teach your students about informative writing. You can see this ridiculous video on my Instagram. My students have jumped right back into the classroom routine quite smoothly, which is actually quite miraculous.

I have not been consistent with my health plan this past week. The holidays and winter break really threw me off of my schedule and my strictness when it came to being healthy. Being sick didn't help the situation at all. I am slowly starting to feel better, so I cannot wait to get exercising again. I can't believe that I am actually going to say it, but I miss it. I don't love to exercise, but I love how I feel afterwards and the benefits from it all.

This blog is a place where I just want to be me. I am not very good at marketing it or being "up to par" when it comes to blogging growth or statistics. But I have this place so that I can write and show pictures and just do it because I love it. I hope that you all understand. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your support.

Life is good. I am trying to change my energy and make more effort with others.


  1. What a gorgeous view of the mountains! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place (I visited Utah this year and loved it!) - I agree with you, getting back into the swing of things is hard after a break! Hope you get a chance to enjoy that snow! :)

  2. I have also been sick the beginning of this year!!

  3. I cannot believe you took that picture on a phone..that is amazing!

  4. Beautiful post, and a beautiful picture. xo


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