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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Intuitive Eating // Sierra's Book Reviews

I am sitting here with a horrible migraine. I have been sick so much this month, so reading has become a past time for me. These migraines have taken over my life, but sometimes writing and keeping my mind occupied while I sit here helps. Stupid hormones. 

YOU GUYS. Have you read this? If not, you need to...right now. As many of you know, I have been doing a Health Plan since the beginning of October. And although it has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, it has been such a good learning experience for me. I will, probably, be finishing up this health plan at the beginning of March. With that being said, I will continue the habits that I have learned. Although the growth (or lack thereof!) has not been exactly what I was hoping, I have seen a difference in how I feel. I am down 14 pounds total, which isn't horrible. I have slipped up and made mistakes, but that's okay. 

My counselor recommended that I read this book. I tend to be a perfectionist, especially when it comes to my body. I tend to feel "less than" because of my weight gain, and a lot of that stems from childhood. With that being said, this book, for me was a life changing book. It allowed me to analyze what I was eating, when I was full, WHY I was eating, and just being "in touch" with food and my body. I came to realization that eating when I am emotional or bored is something that I need to be aware of. I also learned that choosing to eat something (or to not eat something!) does not define who you are as a person. You can see my review (and reviews from other books) on my Goodreads. (Best app ever!)

Some of my favorite quotes/parts of the book: 
(see more of my favorite quotes while I was reading this book on Twitter.

If you don’t love it, don’t eat it, and if you love it, savor it.

Having a healthy relationship with food means you are not morally superior or inferior based on your eating choices.

Screen away the voice that says "I'm good" for eating minimal calories and "I'm bad" for eating a piece of chocolate.

Monitor your hunger before/during/after you eat. Monitor it every 3 hours. Stick to that monitor. Listen to your body!

No one can or should tell you what you should or shouldn't eat at ANY time.

Never be embarrassed to be hungry!!! It's your body telling you that you need more fuel

The food you choose to eat or not eat does not make you good or bad.

Respect your fullness. If you are full, STOP EATING. It's that simple.

Honor your feelings without using food. If you are hungry, go take a kickboxing class. If you are depressed, go for a walk or talk to a therapist. Do not turn to food to heal you.

After reading this book, I really want to listen/read to Mindless Eating. 

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Have you read this book? 
What was your favorite part or quote from the book? 
Are there any other books similar to this that you have loved? 

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