Sierra's View: In Which I Fell In Love with the Mountains. Again.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

In Which I Fell In Love with the Mountains. Again.

I love the beach. I love the Oregon Coast and Hawaii beaches and the feeling of sand on my toes. But, since living in Utah the past six years, I have completely fallen in love with the mountains. I love the look of them throughout all of the seasons. One of my favorite things to do is drive through the mountains and go on walks on a lazy Sunday. I grab #saylorthepup, we get in the car, put on our jams and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

I love the sunshine, but I really have taken a liking to these snow-filled mountains. Now, if I just had the money to get on some ski's!! 

I mean, how can you not love these views? 
(and these photos aren't even edited!) 


  1. This is making me miss the mountains, absolutely gorgeous views.

  2. Oh my word these are beautiful photos

  3. I miss the mountains! beautiful pictures!

  4. Wow, those mountains are gorgeous, and I really like the shots of the road through the snowy trees :-)

  5. So stunning! How could you not fall in love?


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