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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Blogging in Winter

Blogging in the winter time is so different for me. I feel like I'm a different person in the summer versus the winter, and that affects my writing. In the winter, all I want to do is look out the window and see the trees overflowed with snow, curl up with a book by the fire with my wool sweaters, ya know? 

How I am a different blogger in the winter: 

1. I write my posts from my bed or a coffee shop instead of from outside on my front or back porch. 

2. My outfits look like this in the winter. The second I get home from teaching, I throw on my leggings and socks. Comfy clothes are God's gifts to mankind. 

3. My posts tend to be a little more introspective and deep. In the summer, I feel like my posts are more fun because I am traveling and going on adventures. 

4. I lack motivation to write at least three times a week. You would think that I would have more motivation because it's the winter time and I'm inside so much, but it's the opposite. Because of my seasonal affective disorder, my energy goes down in the winter. I am more tired after teaching. In the summer, I am not teaching, so I have more energy to put into this space. 

5. My morning routines on the weekend consist of looking at the window at this beautiful view. And not organizing blog posts! Haha. 

Are you a different blogger in the winter? In what ways? 


  1. I am in MS therefore winters are not as cold, but, I still prefer the summer because I am more active than in the winter. I also dislike winter because of what it does to my skin, I am Puerto Rican so I am a shorts and flip flops kind of person. :) Writing is something I do to ease my mind, so when I write I mainly do it about my own experiences and opinions. Sometime I have a lot to say (write) and sometimes I don't. What I have noticed is that during the winter my writings are not as "happy" as during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

  2. I am such a different blogger in winter! In winter I like to sit down and write in the summer you'll find more lists and things because I don't want to be sitting at my computer all day, I want to be outside enjoying the sunshine.

  3. You are so right! I never really thought about it before, but I feel like a different person in the winter time, too.

  4. When I taught, I would always change into pajamas immediately.


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