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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How We Wore It // The Holidays!

 And I have been the worst blogger because of it. 
I relate December during the school year to how Jim Gaffigan explains what having a fifth child is like: "Just imagine you are drowning, and then someone hands you a baby." That's how I feel. With 23 students. Who are 12 years old. It's a little chaotic and a little crazy, so blogging has been on the back burner. Plus, I sort of have this thing called FOMO (fear of missing out) and I want to do ALL OF THE CHRISTMAS THINGS AND HOLIDAY TRADITIONS. So, I sort of forget to, like, ya know, write. It happens. Priorities. 

Well, I had T Money be my Instagram Husband and take these pictures last minute last night with my iPhone because I'm a classy blogger like that. (Have you seen that video? So freaking hilarious. Poor Tanner.) 
 But, LOOK AT MY CUTE BRICK HOUSE AND ALL THE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. I have a Christmas Decor obsession. And I am not going to do one thing about it, besides keep getting gorgeous gold decorations. No wonder I'm poor. (Or maybe it's because I'm a teacher and my husband is in school?). 

Anyway, I styled this outfit a little bit differently than the above picture. I mostly did this because I don't own a plaid scarf like she does (how cute is it though?! I want it!) and I have worn nine million plaid shirts in these outfit posts. So I took the accent of red with the booties and leggings and went with it. 
Fashion bloggers, holla atcha girl. 

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Also, I really love having my whole body in front of the camera. That's my favorite. Not. But, anyway, my health plan update: I feel great. Haven't lost any more weight but I am down 12 pounds from beginning of October and three inches. I mostly haven't had any more progress over the last week and a half because I have eaten like CRAP. So there's that. TIME TO GET BACK ON THE BALL. 
Okay, now, the gorgeous photos. Enjoy?

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  1. LOOK AT YOU INFRONT Of your cute festive door!! You're a babe! Red cardigan, Booties and headband!! YES!!! Love you!

  2. You are so cute! And look how festive that door is! I'm lovin' it. Please bless teachers everywhere survive the rest of December with their crazy kids.

  3. You and I have such similar taste. I would totally wear this outfit. I seriously love everything about it. And you look GREAT!

  4. So don't get me wrong, I really like your interpretation of the outfit, and it's prefect for the holidays, but can we talk for a second about how much I love your front door!! I love the color!!

  5. i love, love, love your top! I feel like it's a piece that can be styled so many ways. very cute :)

  6. This is such a great outfit for the holidays! Also, your door is cute and your shutters are adorable! Did you paint and distress them yourself?! Brick houses are the best. (I totally have one too!)

  7. The color scheme here is perfect. And your house is so cute!

  8. I love your take on this look. The red accent is great. Your front door is the perfect spot for photos.


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