Sierra's View: Christmas Style: Polka Dots Blouse

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Style: Polka Dots Blouse

I am linking up with Danica again today for her "Twelve Days of Christmas Outfits" (just like Monday's jacket post!) I am on a fashion blogging roll, I tell ya! Unfortunately, this is the last day for me to join in this #12outfitsofChristmas. My brain is fried and it's only halfway through the week. 

It's Wednesday of the craziest week of the year and I'm still alive, barely. IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. May we all rest in peace over Christmas Break. Two and a half more days for me at this point.

This purse has been featured in almost every single one of my fashion posts. Do I feel ashamed because of this? Not at all. I love it.

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Straggly hair and no makeup for the win. 


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