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Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Style: Jacket!

I am linking up with Danica today for her "Twelve Days of Christmas Outfits". I wish I was more on top of it to participate in all Twelve Days of Outfits, but, alas, my life is not that in order, especially with the craziest week of the year in my 6th grade classroom. Please, dear blog readers, let's hope that I will survive this week. Say a prayer for me. I am on a fashion roll, apparently, too. So, I guess I'm just going to become a fashion blogger. HA.

No, but, as much as I love clothes, I love writing. I just love it all? I'm a hippie. Don't judge.

Oooookay, today's holiday outfit is a fun jacket. It is the comfiest thing in the world, and plus, it is a little bit "Christmas-y" color. I throw it on over some leggings or black pants and shazam: cute, comfortable, Christmasy outfit (ten points for alliteration!). Who doesn't love that?

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Pictures shall do the talking now.


I don't understand this face?

And, that's a wrap. 


  1. Oh my goodness. I am in LOVE with that jacket. Where did you get it? It's perfect!

  2. GREAT jacket, and I love it with the simplicity of the black top and black leggings! Where did you find that fun little number?


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