Sierra's View: Bend,Oregon & Nostalgia // Summer 2015

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bend,Oregon & Nostalgia // Summer 2015

After Crater Lake, T and I drove over to Bend, Oregon. Since we were in the Central Oregon area, we thought we would make the most of it. Our 12 day trip of Oregon was quite the adventure, can ya tell? 
I became incredibly nostalgic as we were driving around Bend. My grandmother used to live there and I remember the many weekends, summers, and holidays of visiting my Grandma. I couldn't help but reminisce as we drove through her house on Drake Road, and the beauty of Brooks Park--the park that we used to feed the ducks across from her house. We used to walk to Old Town and eat at "Goody's", the all time best candy store in the world. It was fun to spend the evening in a beautiful little town that holds so much history for me. I am glad that I could share it with Tanner, as well. 
We tried a delicious restaurant called Barrio. It was a beautiful summer evening, Tanner and I basked in the warmness of the evening. People were walking up and down Old Town, which was, adorable, just as I remember. I love Bend--the elevation, weather, and feel of it (and the expensive-ness!) reminds me so much of Utah, especially Park City, with all of the outdoorsy places and people (a ton of snowboarders and cyclists!), so T and I felt right at home!! 

The cutest bookstore in the world!!!! 

A few more, from instagram: 

Drake Park…oh the memories!

Meme's old house. Sigh.

Have you ever been to Bend?
What is your favorite place that you have ever been to in Oregon? 
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