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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Temple Challenge // Payson

I am not traveling long distances this summer (we are just doing a lot of local trips) so I thought that it would be fun to try to do some sort of service in every LDS temple that is currently up and running in Utah (as of right now, there are 15, I believe. 17 will be done in the next little while!). 
I am not perfect when it comes to my religion. Last Sunday, a speaker gave one of the best talks I have ever heard regarding imperfection, specifically to the gospel. I tweeted some of my favorite quotes from it. 

*The gospel is about being vulnerable and open enough to say, 'I'm sorry. I am trying my best, but I will make my mistakes.'
*Recognize the achievement you HAVE made, not what you are constantly doing wrong.
*"Embrace consistency, but also embrace imperfection."
*'I'll never forsake you.' -Christ
*This Gospel is about being okay, saying to yourself, 'I'm doing okay. I am still taking steps forward.'
*We need to be 'Nephi-Striving'
*You are pleasing God IN SPITE of your shortcomings as you are striving to choose the right.
*The Savior is perfect in his patience with us. He loves us perfectly.

 I have made LOTS of mistakes in my past. I am not a perfect member, nor will I ever be. But I am so grateful for the Atonement to try my hardest to become like Him and to fix my mistakes. I am trying my hardest to be love myself and others, and to do what I KNOW IS BEST and there is no greater way than working on my spirituality. I do what makes me happy in this life. Simple as that. It's been a long journey to get here. I've made many mistakes, but I am grateful for my trials because I am a stronger wife, friend and person because of them. I am so grateful for my knowledge that I am loved, no matter what. I do what I know to make me happy--and isn't that what life is all about? Each of us has a different path to take, and I try everything in my power to not judge others for their path, just like I pray that I am not judged for what I do, choose, or believe. I love challenging myself spiritually this summer.  

First Stop this Summer: Payson, Utah Temple with my mom.  
This temple was just completed and dedicated a couple of weeks ago. I love it! 

And, of course, on my bucket list is to do as many temples outside of Utah as well. If you want to join me on these excursions, let me know :) 

What is your favorite temple? 

I hope you all have a fantastic 4th of July. I try to post Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but I will be too busy enjoying my holiday weekend to post. ;) Peace and blessings. See you next week. Be safe and have a wonderful holiday! 


  1. I'd love to join you in any temple in Salt Lake County!

  2. Manti is my favorite, but I love all of them! I'm blessed to be able to volunteer at the Payson Temple Thursday mornings. I've been trying to go to all the temples as well. I need to visit Monticello, Vernal and Logan. Just remember that at Payson and some of the other ones there is not clothes rentals.


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