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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


We celebrated T Money's birthday by having a BBQ just like we did last year, except this year it was in our NEW BACKYARD!!!! It was so fun to get some of Tanner's favorite people together to celebrate Tanner and our good friend, Alyssa's birthday, as well. 
I am so grateful for my husband and best friend. I'm not going to get all sappy and sentimental on here (I know that I do a lot but not right now!) so you can go to T's last year's birthday post to see those sweet notes. 
There is nothing better than a summer BBQ celebrating birthdays, don't ya think? :) 

My brother and his girlfriend, T Money, and my high school buddy, Josh (and Tanner's new BFF who he is lovingly admiring, even though Josh is gross.) 

My brother in law, Jack.

photo shoot of the happy couple in 3, 2, 1…
(He hates all of the pictures that I take of him.) 

Am I going to eat him? 

Eh, not one good one, but it's all good.

Some of my favorite people :) 

Birthday buddies!! 

Bryce thinks he is hilarious. Tanner's mission companions. 

Saylor is a mooch.
THIS IS THE BEST PARTY I'VE EVER HOSTED (those are my thoughts, apparently.) 
That's all. Are you impressed that I didn't take 50 pictures. Everyone at the BBQ is…

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  1. Happy Birthday to Tanner! Looks like it was a fun celebration.


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