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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Shootin' the Tube // Summer 2015

If any of you are visiting Salt Lake City anytime soon, you HAVE to do this! 

Under the freeway at the edge of Parley's Canyon in SLC, there is an aqueduct tunnel that flows beneath it. You bring your own inner tube or floating device and walk about a mile in from Tanner Park. It's a really cool/pretty walk and the edge of the tunnel is a swimming hole/dog park. If you want to "shoot the tube", you will walk up the tunnel and come to a cool rock place with graffiti all over it. Make sure to hold up two boards/wood/etc to make a dam with the water. When you all are ready, someone pulls the string down and the flash flood of water pushes you down this dark tunnel. 

I'm not going to lie, I was a little bit freaked out, but it was SO MUCH FUN. The worst part is landing in the FREEZING mountain run off in all of these rocks. Jump out of the way as soon as you land so your foot doesn't get messed up by people landing on you/you landing on the rocks. (I definitely made that mistake.) 

This is not something to do for kids under the age of eight or nine. My friends 6th grade brother came and he was freaked out the entire time! Haha. 

T Money's good friend, Helam brought his GoPro and made an awesome video of our fun afternoon. He is awesome if any of you want him to make you a GoPro video. He's a GoPro Pro :) (I need one of those ASAP!) 

photo via instagram 

Also, we got a selflie stick. Huzzah! 

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