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Thursday, July 23, 2015

LDS Temple Challenge // Jordan River

Here's how my LDS Temple Challenge works: I am trying to visit (and do a session) in as many temples as I can throughout my lifetime. Ideally, I would like to visit every temple in Utah before Summer 2016, which is possible, but definitely a challenge (especially once the school year starts--because there are 15 in Utah right now--17 by the end of next year). This summer was a great time to  start to this goal of mine. 

I grabbed my sister in law and we went to the Jordan River LDS Temple in South Jordan, Utah this past week. This temple was the 20th operating temple ever and you can definitely tell when you step in it. It was erected in 1979, and you can feel the early 80's vibe to it. I love the simple, small celestial room with the retro gold chandelier. It is, like all temples, very beautiful, but in a unique sense. 

I got to experience this temple with my sister in law, Kimmy. When we walked into the temple, the workers looked at us and at our names and said, "You two are sisters, huh?" I think it's hilarious that I look more like my sister in law then my own siblings!

Note: the lighting was HORRIBLE at this time. So bear with me on these photos. 

Love the view of the mountains. It was a cloudy day so the mountains aren't as "bright". 

via Instagram. (You can't see the temple, but it's all good. You get the idea!)

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