Sierra's View: Lame Horse Trail/Salamander Flat Trail {AF Canyon} // Utah Hiking

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Lame Horse Trail/Salamander Flat Trail {AF Canyon} // Utah Hiking

And thus continues the "Summer Hiking Extravaganza"  that I have apparently decided to do this summer. Summer, for me, means getting outside as much as I can. American Fork Canyon is one of my favorites. 
For this gorgeous hike, you will drive up to the American Fork Canyon quite a long while (I want to say 15 miles?) through the Alpine Loop. You will come to the "Summit Creek Trailhead." All of the trails connect in American Fork Canyon, but the beauty of it (pun intended) is that you can start in numerous amount of places and find all new adventures and hikes, no matter which way you turn. You will drive up to the Summit Trailhead and start on Lame Horse Trail. You will continue on this path and will eventually connect with Salamander Flats Hike--one of my favorites that I have taken many friends and family on, with an absolutely stunning view (and that I did a few weeks ago). This is the mini hike that we did. It is absolutely stunning. I felt like I was in a field daydreaming and whisking away. How splendid, right? :) 

We live in a beautiful world.

What are some of your favorite hikes? 


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