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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cowboy Up // Summer 2015

Every year, T Money (and his family, my in laws) look forward to the Strawberry Days Rodeo! Especially since we moved to our local town, where the rodeo takes place, it feels a little bit more like our "home" rodeo. For me, there is something so therapeutic about going to a rodeo. I love watching all of the cowboys and bull riding and barrel racing, etc. It makes my country girl deep down, feel so… country! I put on my cowboy boots and for two nights in a row, I enjoyed my country night. It brings back so many memories of going to rodeos and checking out the cowboys in high school. Except now, I have my own hot cowboy, T Money. :)

Many of you may have seen some of these photos on Instagram.

Funny story about this little guy…this is my friend's nephew and throughout the rodeo, he kept turning to me and going, "Mommy…." Uhhh…. hahahaha. 

My cute little sister in law. 

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What is your favorite rodeo?
What is your favorite activity in the rodeo? Barrel Racing? Bareback riding? 

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  1. This looks like a really cool experience!


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