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Friday, August 15, 2014

Trip Recap: Jackson Hole

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Two days after we got home from Oregon, T Money and I got back on the road for the Cache-Teton Epic Relays Race. I was sort of designated as the race's "Photographer" and I am so happy that I got some amazing pictures. I followed the runners and the race starting in Logan, UT through Idaho, past the beautiful Snake River to end up in Jackson Hole. It was such a fun experience. These runners were amazing--this race is not one for the faint of heart with a 6000 elevation. But, oh my gosh! It was so much fun! The views were absolutely beautiful, the participants were awesome, and the race ends in a beautiful place. All in all, it was a fun experience. Unfortunately, I got sick and had to head home early. But it was still so fun to drive in my car, get my country music going and enjoy these beautiful sites. I tweeted and instagrammed the entire time. Got some good stuff there.

Idaho Dirt Roads. 

Beautiful Logan, UT. Where the race begins. 

Yea, the runners ran this. Yikes. 


Kristin is very excited to run! 

Boys running in Wyoming. 

Found an old antique out in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. 

Race ends in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Beautiful! 

The "It's All Relative" team. 

The runners run right by this. The beautiful Snake River. 

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  1. I've always wanted to go to Jackson Hole. So pretty!

  2. Such beautiful photos! :) Shane sent me .

  3. those are really nice photos. you must have had a wonderful time over there

  4. Love your blog!!! shane sent me! :)


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