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Thursday, July 3, 2014


Sierra's View of: June.

(top left corner going right--then back left) 
+Crystal Hot Springs for Charlesworth Family Reunion
+Saylor, the pup and I just watching Gilmore Girls. A lot.
+New niece, Wembley Anne. 
+Saylor. Duh.
+My dad as a little boy. So cute!
+Niece, Brizzy's, preschool graduation at Nike. 
+Reminiscing old yearbooks, journals, and school work. 
+Bonding with the bestie in Oregon. 
+Wembley Anne. 
+Epic Relays.
+Cherry Picking with my mom.
+Portland, Oregon LDS temple. Where I was married
+Exchange 9 of Oregon Epic Relay. Working hard as a volunteer! Such an awesome time.
+Oregon Cherries. Yummmmm.
+T Money and I in Portland. 

+Roadtrip Home to Oregon with our Roadtrip Playlist. 
+Helam and Alyssa's wedding. (Tanner's mission companion and best bud). 
+Beautiful Portland, Oregon. My home.
+Being silly. 
+REAL Salt Lake Soccer Game.
+Oregon Freeways. love.
+My late Grandma Kay.
+Bridal Showers with friends. 
+Oh look, more of my puppy. 
+yes, I saw it. Fault in our Stars. and I loved it. 
+Model shot of T Money. 
+(technically July) Blogging night with some of my favorite ladies. 
+Rebranding my blog!!
+If you don't know who this dog is by now, you have a problem.
+My kitty, Boo. She's pretty, huh? 



  1. okay stop it. your blog is SO cute.

  2. What a beautiful temple! I haven't been to that one! But we are heading to OR in August so I should visit it! :)

  3. I'm not Mormon but I LOVE the look of the temples! When I went to college in San Diego, the temple was super close and it was just so beautiful!

  4. aw, your puppy and cat are the cutest! :)

  5. i still need to see fault in our stars. i read the book. . but i heard the movie makes you bawl.

  6. I agree with Jess, I'm not mormon, but there is the most gorgeous temple in Oakland, or near it. You can see it for miles!

    By the way, I'm totally jealous of how dedicated you are to instagram. I don't take nearly enough photos!

  7. awwww just love the pics of your niece

  8. Such great photos! looks like a wonderful month

  9. I love the spelling of your dog's name!! So unique :)

  10. All the cute babies! Great June to me! <3

  11. love instagram posts like this! so fun :)

  12. I LOVE THIS! This is a great idea!

  13. Looks like you've had a great few weeks!

  14. It looks like June was a great month for you! Great pics :)

  15. Looks like lots of great times!


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