Sierra's View: Top 10 Reasons Why I Should Become a Fashion Blogger.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why I Should Become a Fashion Blogger.

I think it's time, guys.
Here are the reasons why I think I should become a fashion blogger:

1. I wear Blair Waldorf-esque outfits. Every day.
This was my Valentine's outfit for the BIG TIME 6th grade dance our a Sushi Date. Lace and red leggings? I am all about that. Now, I just wish I had the legs to pull them off more often.

2. I take really good close ups.  Even with zits all over my face...This will help with my accessory photos. (ex: earrings). I also have no shame in taking these….maybe I should, though.

3. I love purses. More importantly, I have good taste in purses. Heh. Cause, ya know….all you fashion bloggers always have these amaaaazing purses. I'd fit right in.

4. When the camera is on, I make a specific point to a) have perfect body position and b) make a really beautiful, natural face when I laugh. So. Yea. 

5. I started at a young age with being in front of the camera...

6. Two words: polka dots. 
They are in style (right?)
 and I am OBSESSED. I could and do wear them often. 
(I'm on the far left…dur). 

7. One time…I wore a necklace like this with an outfit. (I don't even know what these are called…I mean, I do, but I can't seem to remember. I am proving my point, huh?)  Oh! Bubble necklaces! 

Okay, but really, I do love big necklaces. Ha.

8.  How can you not resist this face? It screams…fashion model blogger face, don't ya think? 

9. Fashion Blogger Pose…I have it down. 

10. Last but not least, If I had the money, I would spend lots of it on clothes. And I would be so in style you guys wouldn't even know what to do. I mean, just look at what I post on Pinterest? That's gotta mean something, right? Pinterest is basically my fashion in real life. 

And that's just the beginning, y'all...

Please remember that this is all sarcasm. And I am not trying to offend anyone :) 


  1. ha! I love this. your natural laughing face is A+

  2. Bahahahaha, I'm so glad you wrote this post, hahahahahaha!

  3. You're the best and so cute, this totally brightened my day! (Hopefully calling you cute doesn't sound like I think you're a littler girl or anything?)
    And seriously, how do fashion bloggers get all this money to get a new outfit weekly?! Like I need to know their secrets so I can buy a lot of clothes and accessories!

  4. BAUBLE necklaces my love ;)

  5. I am in love with your laughing picture. So So much!! :)

  6. I would totally love fashion posts of yours! Mostly cause we're like the same person ;)

  7. Hey! A pic of me made the blog! Hope you're doing well!

  8. hahaha you're so cute and funny! how do you know the beautiful Brandayln?! I LOVE HER! any friend of hers has to be a good one ;)

  9. Stumbled across this gem as I was perusing (stalking) your sidebar of best posts. This tops mine FOR SURE :)

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