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Friday, November 22, 2013

Book Review: Elizabeth Smart's "My Story"

Wow. Where do I even begin?
I recently just finished reading this. 
As you can see from the picture above, it is Elizabeth Smart, a Utah girl who was kidnapped from her bedroom, and her personal biography. This is her story, written 10 years later after the kidnapping.
I read this book in literally one day. Tanner didn't dare bother me because he could tell that I was so entranced by it. I could not put it done. I didn't cry, but I did find myself getting quite emotional at points. 
This might sound kind of odd, but I have always been exponentially intrigued with Elizabeth Smart and her particular story. No, it does not have to do with the fact that I have been told on numerous occasions that I look like her (creepy), but moreso the entirety of the story. I am intrigued with this awful man--what caused him to do such a thing? I want to know the mental and emotional state of where he was at. I honestly cannot tell you why I am so intrigued with her story, but I have been for a long time. I read the entire court case about two years back (*don't do it this you don't like thoroughly heavy material. It was pretty scarring and brutal) and I wanted to know more. More about her story, how she was feeling, etc. 
I think a part of the reason why I am so intrigued with her is because she is a success story. She is amazing. She has been through hell and back and still managed to serve an LDS mission, marry in the temple, and survive fairly well. Her resilience is admirable, and in all honesty, quite miraculous. 
The book wasn't written as well I was hoping, but it didn't change the fact that I couldn't put it done. Elizabeth isn't a writer and that point is fairly obvious, however, you can tell that it came 100 percent from the heart--with real honesty and true guts. And that poignant fact brings you in (and the fact that she is so amazing!) It is a pretty quick read, but not light on the heart. If you are planning on reading it, be prepared to cry, cringe, and creep. It is a story of true miracles, her incredibly spiritual journey, and the tenacity that one 14 year old girl had in order to survive. 
I would definitely recommend this book. With that being said, like I have stated before, it is not a light read. It has some heavy material (she doesn't go into TOO graphic of material) and it's pretty depressing. However, the ending is good (obviously since she has survived), but the whole story is quite sad. There are also some simply amazing parts to her journey, which adds to the fact that you know she is a very special woman. And that, in itself, makes it a good read. 


  1. I've been wanting to read this. Thanks for the review! Do you have a physical copy... I might have to borrow it.

  2. Yeah the writing was pretty disappointing but I couldn't put it down either! I bawled at like 6 different parts. Amazing.

  3. oo! I'm so intrigued by her story...we watched a movie on it a while back. I'd love to hear it told from her viewpoint! Glad to hear it sucked you in..can't wait to dig in!


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