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Friday, February 27, 2009

Fiji! BULA!

So I was told by many a people to give details about my vacation from Fiji. Over Christmas 2008, I was given the INCREDIBLE oppurtunity to bask in the suns rays in Malololailai, Fiji. Unreal, huh? I went with my grandfather, Denny and his wife Vickie. My cousin Bosten went with me, and Vickie's granddaughter, Brittany went as well. It was the most beautiful place on this earth. It makes Hawaii look like just another beach :) (p.s.-Bula means hello in Fijian)

When we first arrived we couldn't believe the color of the water. Bosten, Brittany and I ran over immediately screaming "OH MY GOSH! GET THIS PICTURE!" My glasses are falling off. And the legs are extemely white. Whats new? But it doesnt matter, because this picture is amazing.

I haven't quite figured out this whole blogging the pictures are going to be in reverse order. Forgive me, please. Our last hour in Fiji. We didn't want to leave AT ALL. Bosten and I cried on the boat ride home. Emotional family. Sheesh. (Nice hair, eh?)

Pretty sunsets every night!
Brittany by The Bures on the water!

Bosten and I with a girl named Jessica. She was from New Zealand! We were the only americans on the island. Everyone was from New Zealand or Australia. A few people were from Europe. Needless to say, everyone thought we were so different. This is us right after dancing. They would play the same songs every night, yet we were always the only ones dancing. Again, those Australians thought we were crazy Americans dancing everywhere. We decided to tell people we were from Canada after that. And eventually we caught ourselves speaking with accents. It failed. Our favorite song: Move move shake shake now DROP.

This is a 10 year old named Shara. Her family is the 2nd richest famly in New Zealand. Let's just say she is 10 going on 20. She has been home schooled her entire life, and they travel to a different country every holiday. She's been EVERYWHERE. She was a total brat, but we loved her sass. She hated Bosten and I....she only liked Brittany. Ugh.

Drinking REAL coconut juice. It was gross!

Nett taking on us a hike to a secret beach!!

We didn't kiss. NO worries. (I have to say that. My dad may read this). YIKES

This is my Fijian lover, Nett. He was a local who showed us all the secret beaches. Handsome, eh? I'm so white compared to him....weird.

Just with my cousins before dinner.

The infinity pool. It was soooo warm. So during the 90 degree, humid weather there was NO way to cool down. We swam in this until like 4 in the morning every night. We wouldn't dare swim in the ocean. Especially since the locals told us there are creepy animals who bite your feet out on the beaches at night. I'll pass.
Just pondering at lunch.

Brittany, Bosten and I with our singing friends Ruben and Zech! The Fijians are the NICEST people. They thought we were beautiful and hilarious. It was quite flattering. They always told us to "shut up." We would always laugh back, but we wondered if they were serious? They were sad to see us go. REALLY, they did!

The mini island. That is really what it looks like. This is making me sad looking at these pictures.

Well, as you can see-this was the most incredible vacation on this planet. So many memories and good times were created. I am now living in Provo, Utah. Life seems so much more dull here. And although, the mountains are very pretty-I miss the beaches. I WILL go back to Fiji after I become rich. Just you wait!!

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  1. Fiji looks rough especaily with nett-- youre a naughty girl!

    i need to find where you live so i can toilet paper your apt. or spy on you and make sure youre behaving yourself.


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