Sierra's View: ABOUT

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I am: 

A 6th grade Elementary School Teacher.
Originally from Portland, Oregon.
Currently living in Utah.
Married to T Money (Tanner).
A Passionate Writer. 
A Huge Fan of Kids--of all ages.  
A Trained Singer.
A Music Enthusiast.
An Adventure and Spontaneity buff.
A Daydreamer.
A Sunshine Lover.
 An Outdoor Wanderer. 
A Nature Freak.
An Exercise Lover.
A Sports Fanatic.
A Mormon. 
A Movie & Netflix Addict.
A Fashion Lover.
A Clean Freak.
A loud laugher. 
A Reader.
A Huge Picture Taker.
Fond of Long Walks, Long Car Drives, and Long Conversations. 

love to Travel.
I have lived&taught in Kenya, Fiji, Mexico, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico; 
And I will continue to travel. 
 Life goal: to serve (and/or teach/live) in as many countries as possible.
Because, as cliche as it sounds, I want to meet and help so many different kinds of people. 

Words heal. Which is why I started this blog originally.
This is my life.
Through humor, fashion, photography, teaching/education, music, movies, books, and travel,  
I am viewing the world
And learning so many life's lessons along the way. 

Can I use pictures from your site? 
Yes, but please credit them to this blog and always link back.

Where does the blog name "Sierra's View" come from? 
I originally started this blog to document my travels in college. In a way, I felt like I was "Seeing the Views" with all of my travel experiences. My name, Sierra, is the name of a mountain Range (Sierra Nevadas), so I thought how fitting to use my name while documenting all of my views of life stages, experiences, and learned lessons along with literal views of places. 

Stay for awhile. 
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