Sierra's View: December 2019

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Georgia One Year

Happy First Birthday to our Georgia Peach!

*These photos are from her first photos shoot the day before her birthday and on her birthday party.

You have been in our lives for an entire year, on November 12. I genuinely cannot believe it. This was the fastest year of my life (and I hear it just goes faster!).

You have brought so much joy, happiness, laughter, connection, spunk, tenacity and intelligence into our home. You love to socialize with any and all family and friends. You love all of your aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. You love babies and friends your age. You adore "big" kids, too. You love anyone who will give you attention ;). You are an extrovert, through and through. You love people and smile at the random people in the grocery store. Your smile lights up a room and you stop  being told what to do. You are independent and fierce. You LOVE all animals and anything animal related--stuffed animals, real live animals, and animals on the TV. You like to eat, but you would prefer to move and play. You still only have two teeth (I cannot believe it!) and are walking along things and pushing your walker, but not walking on your own yet. This is not a big deal, but I am so surprised because you are so physical and love to move and you were crawling by seven months. You love Baby Signing Time and any Disney move with singing. You are starting to absolutely love books and looking at the pictures. You love singing and music and clapping along with people who are singing to you. She is absolutely adorable with her cheeks and we love her so much inside and out.

Her first birthday party was so fun and cute! I did a Georgia Peach theme with Georgia peach sugar cookies, a white cake with a peach on it, peach banner, and fun pictures everywhere. She loved the attention, but was also very confused by it. She liked the cake, but thought it was even more fun to eat with a spoon. She especially loved it when her cousins helped her eat the cake and show her what to do.

We love this girl and don't know what we did without her!