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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Georgia Kay- Announcement, Pregnancy, Baby Shower!

Georgia Kay has finally arrived! 
November 12, 2018 4:05 am 
7 lbs 6 oz and 20.5 inches 
We love her so so much. 
Now that I have a minute (even due to this exhaustion!) I thought I would finally write about this adorable girl's journey...starting with conception. Ha. Juuuust kidding. 

All information is on my Instagram 

Announcing to Family! 

Telling Tanner I am pregnant! 

Telling Tanner's Family! We put a piece of paper on our dog, Saylor, that said "Big Sister" and had Tanner's little sister grab it from her. We told my parents over the phone and I told my sisters the next day because I had to tell someone!!  

Pregnancy Announcement 
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Telling my students that I am pregnant. They were a little excited. Ha! 

Gender Reveal 
We decided to surprise ourselves (and our family) the gender of Georgia. We had to go back to the ultrasound three different times because she didn't want to uncross her legs and they couldn't figure out her gender! Eventually they did, and they put it in an envelope. My sister in law put a special color in the balloons and my family stomped on them. 

Baby Shower
My sister and mother in law threw me the cutest baby shower. We had people from Tanner's ward growing up, my ward, family friends, college friends, and family. It was such a great shower and baby girl was absolutely spoiled with gifts. 

Lovely face. Ha 

My mom flew in from Oregon to surprise me for my shower! 

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Oh, man. Georgia's pregnancy definitely was not, you would consider, an easy one. I was very lucky to have a few great weeks between weeks 22-35, but I threw up for the first 22 weeks. After week 35, the nausea returned and I was so incredibly itchy. I thought I had choleostasis, but, luckily I did not. I was just so severely itchy! My OB said it was directed to my iron deficiency. I was quite emotional during the first and second trimesters a bit, but felt okay from then on out. Since Baby G was a week late, the last three weeks of pregnancy were soooo difficult, but I know that is not unusual. I had an anterior placenta, so unfortunately, I couldn't feel her move very much in the first and second trimesters, which made it difficult to connect, I think. I worked up until three days before having baby girl. It was so nice to teach and have the distraction, but it was also incredibly exhausting. But, ultimately, I think working was a good decision for me. 

Baby Moving! 

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