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Sunday, October 8, 2017

It's Been Awhile...

All photos by Sierra's View Instagram 
I feel like writing on this blog comes in waves. I am on my game during the Summer--writing about all of my travels, fun times, and vacations. Once the school year hits, I am bombarded with a forever long to-do list and well, I don't have as much time as I do during the Summer months. Even more than that, this blog is not the place that it used to be for me. I find that I don't need it as much for self-expression that I used to crave or want. With that being said, this blog has always been incredibly special to me. It is my journal of important moments and memories. I would like to continue it for my special "views" in my life, it just won't be as often as before (obviously...since I haven't written in months). 

What We've Been Up To: A Random Word Vomit of Our Lives! 

  • As you can tell from ALL of social media (for good reason), Fall in Utah is unreal. The colors this year have been so incredibly vibrant and absolutely beautiful. I want to be hiking in it, driving through it, and constantly taking photos of it!
  • This winter I am going to start making cards, calendars, etc. out of my all of my nature pictures. I am excited to get this going! These are going to be great gifts, stocking stuffers, or other ideas. I will definitely keep you posted on this! People keep telling me that I need to do something with these photos that I take and I think I am starting to actually believe them!

  • Tanner is finishing up his last semester in school! (HALLELUJAH!) in digital marketing. He doesn't want to walk in May, but I want to make him because this is a freaking miracle that we are at this point. Ha. 
  • He is continuing to work at 180Fusion--a digital marketing firm. He really loves his job! 

  • I started my sixth year teaching sixth grade. This year is my first year doing the English portion of the Chinese Immersion students. Honestly, I am so stressed! I have two classes and I only get them both for about two hours. Those two hours do not go as slow as I would like. I absolutely love my students, though. The program is not perfect (no classroom ever is), and it has been very stressful, but most of my students show up to school with a smile on their faces and are excited to learn. I love that most of them, truly, just want to learn. That is a teacher's dream, I tell ya! 

  • This picture is from our quick trip to San Diego in September. T had a work trip and I thought that I would join him on a long weekend trip. Everything was paid for and it was totally worth it! It was a great weekend of basking in the sun, seeing family, and enjoying gorgeous views like these. 

  • This summer I lost 15 pounds. This is a huge deal with PCOS. I worked my tail off to get there. I have kept most of it off and I want to continue to keep it off, but I am not kidding, something happens when the school year starts. My body just wants to hold on to all of the stress and weight that I let go of in the summer! Many people are curious about us wanting to start a family. Honestly, it's no one else's business, but, let's just say it's going to be a long road. That, with all of the health and weight issues that I deal with, is exhausting. It is frustrating and tiring and does not help my Depression. But I am learning to love myself and my body, despite it's imperfections that piss me off. I am tired of looking around and seeing women talk badly about their bodies. It is time for us to be happy with who we are, as people and women. Ha! 

This past weekend at the BYU Spectacular with Kristin Chenoweth! It was, honestly, spectacular! 

  • I have found that it's hard to stay social during the school year. I want to make it a priority and reach out to friends and family (since I have so much family here now!), but crazy schedules make it difficult. I have learned that it's okay to say no. I tend to have bad FOMO and it can be hard for me to say no, but I am grateful that as I continue to learn, grow, and set boundaries to listen to my body, physically and emotionally, I am happier. 

Life is good. I tend to struggle whenever the cold weather starts to come, but I have worked hard to know how to get through it. I am getting the "itch" to move, though, and I think it has to do with the culture that I am surrounded here?? What helps you when you have the desire to move?! Haha.