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Friday, July 14, 2017

Flaming Gorge Camping Trip

photos via instagram 

Last weekend, we headed over to NorthEast Utah for a fun weekend getaway. I love camping with family because they definitely know what they are doing when it comes to outdoor gear and camping. We spent time rafting the Green River. It was beautiful! I am so happy that we had lots of strong men to help row us because I sure am not a pro at that stuff (and lets be honest, I'm just super weak). We headed over to Flaming Gorge Reservoir and paddle boarded, kayaked, and swam in the water. I deiced to swim across the way in the reservoir and it felt amazing. I LOVE the water and I am always reminded of that every time I swim. I ended swimming about half a mile and it was seriously so great. Why don't I do that more? 

Below is a short video and some photos of our fun weekend. 
There is nothing better than waking up after a great night's sleep in the wilderness, I tell you.

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