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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Very Country Week: Strawberry Days

I love that view of the rodeo and the mountains. It will never get old! 

When I met T-Money's family seven years ago (almost exactly), I knew very quickly that I was getting myself involved with a country family. Yes, we are talking about animals mounted on the walls, fishing, hunting, camping, rodeos...the whole deal. I grew up in Portland, Oregon--pretty much as opposite as you can get. With that being said, I've always known there was a country girl deep down. I have always loved rodeos (I would voluntarily go with my friends in high school), cowboys and country music. Since then, I am constantly learning about this world that I have never really known about! I love that T and I share a little bit of hippie in us and a little bit of country. You can say we are a little bit of both worlds :) 
Note: They still can't get me to hunt. I just can't do it!!! Haha. 
Since that moment seven years ago when I met T and his family, I was quickly introduced to Strawberry Days--a very popular week in my current hometown. It involves carnivals, parades, fireworks, concerts, rodeos, and, most importantly, strawberries and cream. It is a tradition to be involved in the festivities and it has become one of my favorite summer traditions since living in Utah. For me, summer doesn't hit until the rodeo starts! 
This past weekend was all about the country. Three nights of rodeo, hiking in the country and shooting. I am still a terrible shot, but hey, I'm not scared anymore, which is a feat. Honestly, though, my favorite part of the rodeo is just watching all of the horses and cute dog chasing the bulls back into their stalls. What can I say? I like animals more than people. 

There is something so empowering and awesome about shooting a gun. 

Saylor wasn't sure about the guns, so she sat in the car and watched us....exactly like this! Ha. 

Those hiking views out in the middle of nowhere! 

My cute sister in law and niece. It was my niece's first rodeo! Can you tell which one has been to a rodeo nine million times ;) 

My cute in-laws. 

Love my city cowboy. Ha. 

Give me all of the animals. 

Utah Summer sunsets are unreal. 
Saylor and Kimmy love the outdoor concerts (and each other!). #spoileddog 
What are some of your favorite summer traditions? 
Have you ever been to a rodeo? 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Capitol Reef National Park

Hi. Remember me? Ha.
No excuses for not blogging over here, really, except for, honestly, it just hasn't been a priority for over the past couple of months. And you know what? I think that is just fine. There are certain things that are priorities at different times of life and for me, the past few months, this blog has not been it. With that being said, I am excited to share with you some photos and adventures that we've had this summer. I genuinely needed summer after a year of teaching. Unfortunately, I've been in meetings for new science core, grant work for language arts, etc. that I haven't had much time to really "have summer." With that being said, I am grateful that I have the luxury to be able to do these things in the first place.

Last weekend, T and one of my besties, Carli, and I went down to Capitol Reef National Park. I'm not going to lie to you: It was a rough a day! Yes, it was beautiful and I am so grateful we had the adventure, but it was HOT. So hot that my entire back and shoulders are now peeling. My hiking boots were giving me blisters. I get heat exhaustion quite easily so I was tired and out of shape and I was discouraged (more on that later). I am grateful I had those two with me because I was just a big baby on this day. Either way, like I said, it was beautiful. Next time when we head down we will wake up super early to hike and right before sunset so we aren't shriveling up in the sun! T and I want to hit up as many national parks in the country over the course of our lives.

But, you all know me, I took a million photos to document. Enjoy :)

That's supposed to say "Capitol Reef" Ha. 

This is what happens when your hair overtakes everything. This happens every night. Ha. 

Other National Parks Visited: 
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