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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hi Friends.

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Hi friends. It's been awhile since I've just written, huh? 
Here is a selfie of me. It is hard for me to be in pictures because I hate my double chin and my stomach and my imperfections. I look at pictures of me in high school and I want to laugh out loud because I thought I was fat. HA. If only my stupid 16 year old brain only knew the struggles of PCOS I would have later on. Sometimes, however, it is so important for others to see your imperfections because it helps them connect with you. Sometimes it is important for ME to see them, so that I can remind myself of the good things about myself. Does that make sense? I don't know if it does. My brain is a little scattered right now. 

Life has been good. I wouldn't say it's amazing and I wouldn't say it is terrible. I just feel content. In my mind, that is a perfect way to be. Because I tend to feel things so deeply, I tend to have "Extreme" time periods--where things are terrible or wonderful, there doesn't seem to be any in between. (Which is one of my vices. I am working on it!). So the feeling of just being content makes me happy, if that makes sense.  
It has been abnormally warm here in November. Today, as I am typing this, it is 70 degrees! In Utah! And it's almost winter! I am not complaining though, if I'm being honest. I am a sun worshipper, so I will do anything to have warmth stay as long as possible. However, it is a little difficult to feel the "Thanksgiving and Christmas feeling" when its warm, I have found. How do you Californians and Arizonans (Arizonians?) do it? 
I have been working out like crazy. My BMI has gone done 5 points since last October, which is awesome, but my weight is not going down! It's frustrating, but I am trying to exercise to feel better. I am a better wife, teacher, friend and person when I exercise regularly, even if it's just a 30 minute walk. 
I am reading like crazy as well (what's new?). I have this terrible habit of avoiding things and reading books. It's not good. I spent all Saturday cleaning my house an going on a gorgeous hike though, so I'm not completely negligent to my responsibilities. Ha! I am currently reading the new Harry Potter, Bud, Not Buddy (sixth grade book for my students), and Big Little Lies. I can't wait to share with you my monthly reads at the end of November. 
I am learning to put myself out there and continue to make new friends. I tend to get stuck and want to keep the same friends that I always have, but I have learned that it doesn't necessarily work that. I love my college friends, but It's time to find other friends, new friends, to relate to and connect with as well. I am loving my monthly book club and Bunco group with other fun, intelligent, beautiful women who get my crazy sense of humor and deep thoughts! 
I am working on my scripture study and trying to really take to heart what the prophets and apostles of my church are saying. I am not a perfect Christian, but I am working on trusting my leaders and taking what they say with a positive outlook. This is hard for me because I am a stubborn one. 

I hope things are well for you. I know that I have not written in awhile, but it's mostly because I don't really know what to say. Come follow on Twitter and Instagram for more daily updates! 

What's new with you? 

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