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Friday, October 21, 2016

Little Notes (Fall 2016)

Hi, friends. It's been awhile since I've written one of these letters. I have had a crazy few months. I've been overwhelmed with my sixth grade classroom and it seems to have taken over my life. I'm aware that my life is wonderful, I'm just trying to get a hold of it! Haha.  Because I have so many photos on my phone, I wanted to share with you a glimpse into my life via my phone and Instagram with my little letters. Without further ado, here we go:

Dear Fifth Year of teaching: Where did time go? I began my school year teaching sixth grade and you would think that I have never taught before. I was stressed, overwhelmed and completely exhausted from the 33 students. I missed the gym way too much. I can't get wait to get back into the routine (yes, after 2 months of school) and get strong again.

Dear Elaine Dalton, Thank you for incredibly wonderful and life-changing fireside. Your words were exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for your candidness and goodness. Thank you LDS General Conference for affecting me positively and telling me things that I needed to hear.

Dear Coldplay, you had me crying when you sang "Fix You" and dancing the entire night. Thank you for being the best live concert that I've ever been to.

Dear Swiss Days,
This was one of the first years that I did not want to go back. I love all of the cute shops, but I could not handle the heat. However, it was a fun day with my sister in law and mother!

Dear Utah Fall, are you for real? You are seriously so incredibly gorgeous and I cannot stop taking pictures of you.

Dear Saylor, you are not supposed to lay on Kaydie Jo's hair, silly dog. 

Dear 2 year old Sierra, you are a piece, man. That scowl can move mountains. 

Dear 26 year old Sierra, you were cuter when you were scowling at age 2. 

Dear blogging events, I have been going to quite a few of you . I love meeting new friends and other bloggers at this event. Thank you for the outsource and wonderful world that I get to be apart of.

Dear Me,
Take a deep breath. You get the opportunity to teach wonderful sixth graders, write a great blog with amazing reader, read a ton of books, be in lots of clubs, an enjoy your physical exercise. SMILE. Also, get rid of that cold that is overtaking you. Have no fear though.. IT'S FALL BREAK!!!

All photos via Instagram. 

What little note would you write to yourself? 

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