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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I like to pretend to do photography....

...especially in Nature in the Fall.
Like I stated yesterday, Fall in Utah is what I think Heaven will be like. I cannot stop hiking, driving, and taking pictures of this gorgeous season. I just want to leave these pictures here for you all to enjoy. These are all from multiple days and the many excursions and hikes that I go on (hence the different colors and clouds and skies in many of the pictures). Take a minute and go outside today. Go for a walk outside. Take time to take a deep breath OUTSIDE. Take some photos. It's good for the soul.

Also, I want to give you guys a little precursor to whats on my mind. I am planning on using these pictures that I take of my photography on cards for a little business. I need some feedback. Would you buy these cards?! What is the best online way to sell these? Just through my blog, etsy, etc?

*Please do not take these photos without permission.

What is your favorite season? 

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