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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

50 Date Night Questions.

The other night T Money and I were on a date and we were trying to ask each other some of the funniest, interesting, intriguing questions to get one another thinking. I thought to myself, "Everyone needs this list!" So, here 50 of the best date night, road trip, walking, late night pillow-talk questions to ask your spouse. 

1. What is your favorite story to tell people at parties to impress them?
2. What are you most insecure about? Why?
3. If we had one boy and one girl right now, what would you name them? 
4. What is one thing that you always wished you mom or dad would do, but they never did?
5. Do you believe in spanking your children?
6. If you were any Disney Prince or Princess, who would you be? Why? 
7. If you could meet one person from the Bible or Book of Mormon, who would you choose?
8. What language would you like to master?
9. Where is one place you would NEVER move? (Realistically...) 
10. What is the funniest thing that I do?
11. What's the dumbest thing that you have ever cried about?
12. What time do you think your children should go to bed?
13. What is my favorite article of clothing to wear?
14. If you were to buy clothes somewhere for me, where would you go?
15. Have you ever pooped your pants?
16. If you were to change one thing about our wedding day, what would you change?
17. Would you like it if we switched jobs?
18. What is your least favorite thing that I watch on tv?
19. What is your favorite tv show or movie that we have watched together? 
20. If you were to describe me in three colors, what colors would you choose?
21. Who, of my friends, is your favorite? 
22. What did your teachers say to you when you were child?
23. What's your favorite social media? (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat)
24. What is your favorite age to be around for kids? 
25. What is your favorite cereal?
26. If you were to decorate or re-decorate our bedroom, what colors would you use?
27. What is your biggest pet peeve?
28. If money was automatically no object, what is the first thing that you would buy right now?
29. If you could focus on one talent that you do not have, what would it be? 
30. What are you most physically attracted to? 
31. What is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? 
32. If you could have an animal (or another one), what would you be? 
33. What makes you angrier than it should?
34. What is one thing that you wish your parents would have taught you?
35. Do you really like to read? If so, what's your favorite genre to read?
36. What are two things that you do to help you calm down when you're angry or stressed?
37. What is one thing that I wish you would do when I'm anxious, angry, upset. 
38. Where is somewhere you really want to travel?
39. What area in your life do you feel like you constantly need to work on? Why do you think it is such a struggle for you?
40. What is a date that you want to go on together that we haven't done?
41. What is your favorite thing that I do sexually?
42. When is a time that you have felt the furthest from God (or a higher power). 
43. What is one thing that you expect me to do with the kids (besides cooking, dressing them, the basics)? 
44. What superpower do you wish you had?
45. What is your favorite song to listen to in the car? 
46. Tacos or cheeseburgers?
47. If you could choose one snack food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
48. What's your favorite Halloween costume you've ever been? 
49. If you were a character in any sitcom, what sitcom would you choose? 
50. What do you love about me most? 

Whew. We did it! You made it! 

What are some questions you would add? 

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