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Monday, September 12, 2016

Baby Refuge// GIVEAWAY

One of my favorite things is to find companies and businesses that I believe in. I love finding products that actually work and are successful. On top of that, I tend to be even more interested in businesses that work towards a good cause. 
My good friend, Callie, and her husband, started a company called Baby Refuge!  Baby Refuge's mission is to provide you with fashionable and durable leather pacifier clips for your baby, all while providing access to a better life for children refugees around the world.

Baby Refuge currently offers three different colored leather pacifier clips: pink, nude, and camo. When you buy a Baby Refuge pacifier clip, a portion of your proceeds go to the Refugees around the world. Now, I don't have a baby, but I have received these amazing products to give to dear family members and they have loved it. I, also, kept a couple of these for my own for the future baby Charlesworth :).  This product is not only fashionable and highly durable (made from real leather), but compared to other clips out there, the quality of Baby Refuge clips outranks them. 

It is your chance to win TWO Baby Refuge pacifier clips of your own! Enter the giveaway ON MY INSTAGRAM PAGE (@sierrasview). Good Luck! 

Giveaway Rules: You must live in the United States and be 15 or older to enter. 

Thank you and good luck! 

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