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Monday, August 1, 2016

Maui Guidebook: Central Maui Fun!

Guys. I know that I have been posting so many videos and pictures of our trip to Maui. I want to see you go to Maui for 23 days and try to document less ;). Even though I have been to Maui many times, I have never experienced so many of these awesome things that we did over the course of these few weeks. I wanted to share my fun with you. My brother in law (he's 17...) mentioned that I was being annoying with my posts, but you all get to deal with it. Mostly because I don't write in my journal anymore (I know!!! I need to still!!!) so this is my documentation. I hope you enjoy the videos and pictures and info! If you ever go to Maui, you now have a guidebook and know who to contact!!
With that being said, this is the LAST MAUI POST. WOOOOOOO!

Over the last week while we were in Maui, we spent a ton of time exploring parts of the island that I have never really seen: Central Maui. We spent time mostly in Wailuku and Makawao area and doing some amazing hikes.

In the video you will see some of these awesome things to do while in Maui. The Haleki'i-Pihana Heiau State Monument in Wailuku is a hike that shows some cool stones that the ancient Hawaiians used as sacrifice. It is not a popular place and not well known, but still a cool thing to see (and it has an awesome view as you go up higher). Over past Wailuku is the Waihe'e Ridge Trail. It is a hard hike. My mother recommended this hike, but she somehow forgot to mention that it was INCREDIBLY muddy. It was so muddy that you couldn't even lift your foot up while stepping, so beware of that if you decide to go. But if it is not cloudy (which it was...), you can see  the entire valley. Be prepared to get dirty! In the Maui mountains we explored Iao Valley and the Iao Needle. It is the only area where they allow you to go in the mountains because they want to preserve it. Our next goal is to go find some secret hikes up in those mountains...for our next December, probably ;). It had been raining quite a bit over the course of the three weeks while we were there so everything was so green and gorgeous, so the mountains were extra green and luscious. My aunt and uncle just moved to Maui and it was so fun to have them there! We spent so much time hanging out with Hudson and Sandy and we loved it. We went up to Third Friday with food trucks and music and local shops in Makawao and saw my cousin's awesome private school (it was so gorgeous). Makawao is a little up country and it's definitely country--tons of horses and rodeos! I love it, Hawaii cowboys!

Go see all of my other Maui Guidebook posts below if you missed any photos or videos!!!

Maui 2016: Central Maui Fun! from Sierra Charlesworth on Vimeo.

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