Sierra's View: Ainge Reunion 2016: Crescent Lake, OR (The Cabin!)

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ainge Reunion 2016: Crescent Lake, OR (The Cabin!)

My super small family ;). And this was one of the better pictures. Ugh.. Ha! 
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I LOVE our family cabin in Oregon. I have so many fond memories at this place as a child. I spent so many summers swimming, boating, sunbathing, and playing on the dock. Every year, my brothers and sisters gather together for our family reunion at the cabin. I am the youngest of five children and all of my siblings are married/have children, so our family of 21 (and growing!) means that evenings at the cabin are a little loud and hectic. It's chaos, but it sure is fun. Below are some awesome pictures of my beautiful nieces and nephews and family members.

How can you not be happy being in a cabin in the forest on a lake in beautiful Oregon with beautiful nieces and nephews?!

Those Ainge grandkids really lack personality ;) 

T Money surprised me at the cabin and driving up from the cabin! I was so excited to have him there! 

That water...sigh. 

Sea-doos are always a hit. 

Me with my sassy nieces (and nephew in the background!)

Dance party! (Nice, Nick...) 

The sunsets at the cabin are the best. I love my T Money and my Saylor. 

 Ride on Irv with Nona! 

All the girls! 

Wakeboarding and wake surfing, even with the babies! 

The kids were obsessed with Saylor. It was so cute to see. 

Some serious tubing... 

And, a movie!!! 

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