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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June. Woof.

Aloha! Posting here from Maui! The best place in the world. I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! We spent the evening watching fireworks along the beach. Rough life that we live. ;) If you want to stay updated on my life you can follow on Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat... all SierrasView!!!

It has been 8 days since I've seen my dog and I miss her. I don't even want to know what I'm going to be like with my children.

I was a terrible blogger in June. To be honest, I'm a little confused as to what to write at times. I want to write on this blog on so many occasions. In fact, there are times when I just get on and write, but I do not publish it. It's a difficult line to decide whether I want to be open and honest, or to just be fun and silly. There are times when it is a combination of both. But, I don't want to divulge every single aspect of my life, you know? I'm feeling a little lost as to where I want this blog to go. So, bear with me if this posting is sporadic.

June involved a lot of emotions and physical ailments. I got out of school at the end of May and I got sick my first week of summer. This happens almost every single year since I've been teaching, guys. I think it's my body's way of "shutting down" after the school year, if that makes sense. I was hit pretty hard with a sinus infection while going to teacher meetings (psshhhh teachers' get a full summer off? Nope). I drove out to California to see Tanner, but found myself with a fever on the road trip out. My poor brother in law had to drive the entire way. I headed home two days later because staying in a bachelor pad sounded miserable to me! Ha. So not only did I have to go home early because I was sick, I didn't get to spend as much time with Tanner as I liked. It had been a month and a half of not seeing my husband and it was really challenging. It took, seriously, 10 days for my body to start to feel better. Sinus infections are no joke, people. At this point, I was starting to feel better, so I started working out and hiking and getting my body back into gear. I was so frustrated because I wanted to spend the month of June organizing closets and my yard and my home and focusing on my health. I wanted to work out twice a day and get a project done in my house almost every day. Well, I did my best. I worked out as much as possible and hiked like crazy once I started feel better. My parents came into town for a few days for a wedding and to see their favorite child ;). They helped me redo my entire front yard and it's like a completely different yard!! I was so grateful for their help because I could not keep up with my housework while being a single woman for two months! Haha. At this point, I was a hiking fiend and gym fiend. I spent my days organizing something in my house and getting to those June goals of mine (which, as you can tell, did not include blogging), and swimming! And, of course, to end June, we had to end where we began, right? About a week ago, my sinus infection came back. I'm pissed. So, I'm finally starting to feel better AGAIN, but, yes, June. Blah.


(Note: You will see these things in the video!) 
+Hiked. A lot. I love those Utah Mountains, as you guys know.
+Swam. A lot. Good thing I have such good friends who deal with me laying in the pool when I felt like death. Ha. Mostly with my good friend Candace. She has been such a loving, kind friend to me during that hard month! Celebrated her with a baby shower as well!
+Mom and Dad in town helping redo my yard and enjoying time with them. My yard looks so good!
+Got to celebrate one of my best friends weddings as a bridesmaid for the 11th time. Good thing I'm married, otherwise I would feel like a severe case of 27 dresses.
+Strawberry Days Rodeo in Pleasant Grove. This rodeo is my favorite summer tradition in UT. My father in law is on the committee and it is so much fun!
+Book Club for June: Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. So good!
+Became best friends with my dog. What's new?  I mostly just hung out with my ten year old sister in law and Saylor. I'm cool, I know. Also, Saylor found her twin. So freaky. And fun! They were best friends! Opie is her new, bigger, twin and boyfriend (weird?).
++WENT OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE AND BOUGHT A HIGH WAISTED BIKINI. I know it's not amazing on me, but I don't even care. I did it. I did it, guys.
+Took my Pottermore Ilvermorny American School of Wizardry quiz. I'm a Thunderbird. I'm a Hogwarts Hufflepuff. I'm a thunder puff :)
+Did my first ever 30 day Squat challenge. And actually did it. Every day!!!! Wooooooo. Starting a pushup, squats, abs and plank challenge in July. I know. I'm basically doing crossfit.
+Got to reconnect with my coworkers and Alpine Elementary family for our coworkers bridal shower. So fun. My friend took some beautiful modeling photos while there too. ;)
+Bunco night with ladies from my church and neighborhood. So grateful that I have started to make friends in my neighborhood and ward. I tried really hard to reach out during June since I was a widow.
+Tried to see friends and people who I haven't seen in awhile to reconnect. It was good to see people who I catch up with on social media, but got to actually spend time with them. I loved the good conversations that took place when I am with girl friends.
+Bachelorette. I love Jojo so much. I am going to start doing some snapchat stories, so make sure you are following on Snapchat (@sierrasview). Her blue dress last week. Yes please. So pretty.

+Not finishing as many projects inside and outside my home this summer.
+Getting sick. Twice. Duh. I hate you, sinus infections.
+No husband for two months. Kind of lonely.
+Not working out as much as I had wanted. Boo.

+My Cold Sore. Got my first one ever. What?!
+The back fat that is not disappearing. Don't hate. You know what I mean.

Because I take so many photos (I know, people get so annoyed of me. Deal with it), I made a June movie!!! Enjoy!!!

June 2016 PhotoBook! from Sierra Charlesworth on Vimeo.

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