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Thursday, June 23, 2016


Well, it's almost the end of June, which breaks my little teacher heart. 
I have been the worst at blogging, which breaks my little writing heart. Sorry, guys. (Cause I know you are all incredibly distraught. When, really, its just my mom who reads this blog). 
I have been spending A LOT of time with my dog, which I'm not sure if I feel pathetic or awesome because of this fact. Probably a little bit of both, to be honest. 

Here's the thing. T Money has been gone since the end of April selling pest control (Hey, don't hate. It's good money). Which is good for our family for $$$$, but it sucks for my emotional state. It's freaking lonely and hard to not have your significant other around. I don't have any children (except Saylor) or anyone to hang out with (except Saylor). See, people like to make fun of me because I love my dog like my child right now. And I used to get so upset by that, but I have officially accepted it. 

You're right, I DON'T have children. For reasons that only matter to T and me, thank you very much. (Side note: it's nobody else's business when we decide to have children...come on, Utah!). But because of that, my house is so quiet. And Saylor and I have become best friends over the past two months. I am so grateful to have her because it's nice just to hear another set of footprints and other noises in my home. She is always up for any type of activity (hiking, walking, doing yard work, playing outside, cuddling on the couch--see other reasons why you need a dog HERE). 

So, I have accepted that Saylor is my best friend right now. And that's okay. Dogs understand you. They are loyal to their owners. I am an incredibly loyal person and sometimes I feel let down from friends or the people around me because they aren't as loyal as me, which is okay. With Saylor, she is always willing to listen and play and cuddle and hike. What else could you want? Plus, she is crazy smart and is an emotional therapy dog (she loves babies and kids, too!) so, she's pretty much the best. 

I love my t-shirt from Taylor at The Daily Tay. She sells these t shirts for dog charities and I think it's simply the best. It is so comfy!!! You can buy yours on her etsy shop

In other news, we found Saylor's twin but 20 pounds heavier (and a golden doodle instead of a mini aussie doodle). This is my friend's dog, Opie, and he is Saylor in a bigger, male version. They played so well together. I love them. 

I was joking with my friend that I'm going to do a monthly update of my dog, like they do with babies. Just put a sign in front of her "22 months old....loves sticks, playing with kids, and eating grass." Hahahahahahah. I'm not really, guys. But I have to admit, that would be kind of funny. No? Okay. 

Do you have a dog?
What breed? 
What do you love about your dog? 

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