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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How We Wore It // Brights in the Workplace

In case you haven't gotten a hold of the idea of this fashion collaboration, here is how it works: We take an original photo and try to find an outfit in our closet based on colors, textures, style, etc. I instantly saw this photo and thought: I have bright, spring colors already! Yay! I wear this outfit to work (teaching) at least once a month because it is 1) comfy 2) colorful and happy and 3) It's the only outfit that I don't hate that isn't a dress (I love dresses ha!).

Yes, my hair is in a bun because this is how my long hair looks by lunch time.... 

Here's the original photo from "Chic Street Style

Also, I am aware that I look like I'm poppin' a squat here. It's fine. 

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What is your favorite work outfit? 
Do you like to wear bright colors? 


  1. Bahahaha! "Poppin' a squat. It's fine." Love the outfit Sierra! You totally rock those bright colors!


  2. I knew you'd have awesome colors for this one, and I was right. Lovin it!

  3. SO pretty!! Love your nail color, too!!

  4. Cute! Comfy clothes are a MUST when teaching. Also, that scenery behind you is unreal! So beautiful!!

    Penn&Quill || Robin

  5. i love the color combo you chose for your look. my hair ends up in a bun so much of the time too especially once summer hits.

  6. I just chopped my hair off or mine would have been in a bun too! You look super cute. Love the color combo this time around!


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