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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ainge Clan in Disneyland...uh oh!

For my dad's 60th birthday, my siblings and I surprised him in Disneyland. My dad has always loved Disneyland. He would take each of us, individually, on a trip growing up. I have been to Disneyland with my dad more times than I can count (I know, rough life). Because each of us have such fond memories of this place, and most of the time including my dad, my mom thought it would be so fun to surprise him in California for a long weekend with his five children. 
Even though Papa Ainge does not like surprises (ha!) it was SUCH a fun weekend. I am the youngest of five children (three sisters, one brother...don't feel bad for him. He's the favorite!), and we hadn't been together just as the "Ainge Clan" since I was eleven years old, before my oldest sister was married. I seriously had not laughed that hard in a long time. I could not keep up with my siblings, either! They all have so much energy...sheesh! We rode almost every single ride, and some twice. It was so fun to be "young kids" again and have a weekend of laughing, walking, and enjoying fun rides.

Favorite moments of the trip: 
-Fitting all five of us siblings on one teacup on the teacup ride. We were a little squished(to say the least).  Bri was laughing so hard she almost peed her pants. I felt so sick to my stomach that I had to cover my eyes (see video). 
-Staying up WAY too late (after walking 10 miles in one day, mind you!) playing Cards Against Humanity. 
-Making hilarious (and disgusting) faces on the rides. Our favorite question was, "Okay, guys, what face this time?" My personal favorite is the constipation one on Space Mountain. Probably the most attractive I have ever looked (but really, I look like I weigh 500 pounds. Lovely.)
-Planning out all of the rides with fast passes and walking (half-running) to the rides like little kids. I let my calm, serene, NOT Type-A-personality siblings do that ;). 
-The Parade and the World of Color. Seriously, Disneyland has upped their game with these shows. Wowza! I was so amazed. 
-Remembering how much I love my family, despite all of our issues and crap. We all have such similar senses of humor and can have such a good time together (when kids aren't around!!! Ha). 

Enjoy these amazing photos and videos. These pictures could be some seriously good blackmail. (Please don't). 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Break 2016: Southern Utah Adventures!

For Spring Break this year, T Money and I joined my in laws to explore South (east) Utah. While driving throughout what seemed like half of Utah, I was simply amazed at all of the beauty that it entailed. Utah, alone, has FIVE National Parks and numerous National Monuments. I loved growing up in the Northwest, but the longer that I live in this state, the more I love exploring it and finding all of the fun adventures and places! There is so much to do here. We took just a few days to road trip to Fillmore to see a hidden secret of the Lava Tubes. I didn't even know these things existed! They were very cool. Except for the fact that I completely sprained my ankle on our first day on vacation. Mind you, I did not sprain my ankle going DOWN the steep lava rocks, but on flat ground once inside the caves. I am so clumsy sometimes. Let's just say that it was an ongoing joke throughout the entire trip. Just what I want, to be made fun of for my clumsiness ;). We hiked and explored Bryce Canyon National Park from there. Hiking that canyon at a 10,000 feet elevation and a sprained ankle was real fun. Either way, it was beautiful. It was on my bucket list to hike it, so I was stoked to see it's beauty. Lastly, we drive 30 minutes over to the National Monument of the Grand Staircase. This a HUGE National Monument--one we could have stayed in just itself for four days and still not see everything. Either way, it was fun to still see some beautiful things for a bit. 
We came home and I organized Tanner's office, saw friends, did more local hikes, and relaxed. It's been hard to be back at work this week (my students are struggling hard core!), but I only have a three day week (today is my Friday), so I'm not complaining too much. :) 

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Lava Tubes

Bryce Canyon National Park


My brother in law bought this toy dinosaur and took pictures with it the entire time. It was awesome! 

Best picture of the trip right there. I was explaining to Tanner that I did not have body odor and was checking to make sure that I was right. I wasn't. Hahahaha. 

My in law family. Little cuties. 

The Grand Staircase National Monument